Day 1

Haha back xD and now of to bed. Quick little pic before bed. One of my New year resolution is to never miss a day posting art in here. even if it’s just doodles hahaha. Lets see how long I can keep the combo up :P

Wip on a little trade I’m doing with an awesome friend lulz. Almost done xD just need to clean up the painting now. and add the lights and set up a mood xD

Don’t wanna give away too much now since keeping a surprise //checks followers list//shot


Day 7

Hehehe xD 7days in a row non stop posting :D idk if I should be proud that I’m able to stick to my promise or sad that nothing much is going on in my life that I could draw every single day hahaha

Should I have put in the header that I might post some things that might not be safe for work xD? though these aren’t really that bad…. lmao


Now that i remember i have a tumblr. lets see how many days can i keep posting art before i forget ahahaha Day 1.

This is uhm… a gender bend of me ahahaha well i mean when your drawing you can look like anything you want hahahahahaha. //killed

Oh hey look at that… new years resolution broken haha. Hasn't even been a month and I already forgot about this site >_> (Too into work lol). So much for the posting everyday stuff.

Welp, I’ll just submit as much as possible as often as I can hahaha~

Queen of Rock Elizabeth © Ziad J. (niseng)


The bg paintings I did in the last drawing vid I posted. Thought you guys might be interested or something haha of to the airport I go~ Lol If i can draw something during my 16-19 hour flight I’ll try to post it once I get to my relatives place xD.

Watch on

Day 6 I believe

Been busy packing up for a trip. SO didn’t do any doodle. and I’ll be stuck on a plane for 16-19 hours tomorow… so I’ll leave you guys with some of my drawing vids so you guys can sorta see my process on how I usually draw. Hope these Helps some of you guys.