etsy find of the day 2 | 10.21.13

colorful circles/scales pillow cover by nirwa

i need to invest in some new pillow covers – they’re the best way to add a fresh pop of color to your interior decorating (cheaper than buying a new couch, that’s for sure!!). nirwa has a ton of colorful, geometric options – i like the peachy hues in this baby.

I like to create AUs for different fandoms- especially for Nirwa because it gives me opportunity to put him in many different situations. Thanks to one of those non-serious universes I accidentally found a really nice type of magic for him- pict/drawing magic. It involves him drawing something with ink and than materializing and controling it with will power. It just seems like a perfect form of magic for him because Nirwa can draw well, he likes to attack from a far and avoiding direct confrontation, he can use this form of magic to spy, he can prepare his spells in advance. His favourite pict form is a Goldcrest. And yes he will order it to spy on you

This is Nirwa when he was 16. His name was Ariëndil. He looks way different than on this picture but I made sure to draw his face and eyes the same shape I did before (only, his face here is a little bit rounder because he’s younger). The only thing that makes him look so differently is his long, curly hair. After he was disfigured by fire, his hair was never as fair as it was during his youth. 

Teenage Ariëndil was shy but also tend to act grochy to hide his insecurity and low self esteem. He got jealous really easily. 

I wanted to start doing clothing meme for a really long time. I’m going to do this a little bit differently than how people usually do. I’m going to treat it more like a project than filling up a meme card. I want to turn every point on this meme list  into a fully-fledged picture. Originally I wanted to just wait until I finish all the pictures, put them on one meme card and then post it but I knew I would be too tempted to post pictures that I wouldn’t hold into this promise :D. That’s why I’m going to post most of the pics from the meme in my gallery just after I finish them and at the end of the challenge, I’ll post the filled meme card as well.  I chose Nirwa/Ascot for this outfit  meme.

Anyway, here’s the first part: Draw them in your clothes

Ascot would like those shoes.

Most of the challenges will come from this meme but I’m going to skip some questions and add some more historical fashion instead.  The credit for questions from original meme goes to  Twilight-Deviant

Farewell to home by Little—black

Nirwa- my Nazgul rp muse. I really like this character.

“He was standing on the hill and watching his kingdom in the sunset light, so foreign and far away in this moment. It seemed to him, that the walls are burning with red like the scars on his face, that everything is setted on fire in this very moment and will never be back - just like his face in the mirror.

He was experiencing his last sunset as a human, who lost everything and if death was standing above him now, he would feel, that he failed his life. However it wasn’t Namo who was reaching out for him now, but Master. This strong, mild, understanding creature, who was enduring his exscesses for many months, because he saw the potential in him.”