All I want for Christmas is You.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! Hope you will all have a nice time!

I’m sorry if the saturation on this pic is too high - I had to use an old laptop in order to draw this pic and said laptop has worse graphics. I really like those cheesy Christmas sweaters so I had to draw my characters, Igor and Alan wearing these. I finally managed to draw Igor the way I actually see him!

This is Nirwa when he was 16. His name was Ariëndil. He looks way different than on this picture but I made sure to draw his face and eyes the same shape I did before (only, his face here is a little bit rounder because he’s younger). The only thing that makes him look so differently is his long, curly hair. After he was disfigured by fire, his hair was never as fair as it was during his youth. 

Teenage Ariëndil was shy but also tend to act grochy to hide his insecurity and low self esteem. He got jealous really easily. 

I like to create AUs for different fandoms- especially for Nirwa because it gives me opportunity to put him in many different situations. Thanks to one of those non-serious universes I accidentally found a really nice type of magic for him- pict/drawing magic. It involves him drawing something with ink and than materializing and controling it with will power. It just seems like a perfect form of magic for him because Nirwa can draw well, he likes to attack from a far and avoiding direct confrontation, he can use this form of magic to spy, he can prepare his spells in advance. His favourite pict form is a Goldcrest. And yes he will order it to spy on you