All I want for Christmas is You.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! Hope you will all have a nice time!

I’m sorry if the saturation on this pic is too high - I had to use an old laptop in order to draw this pic and said laptop has worse graphics. I really like those cheesy Christmas sweaters so I had to draw my characters, Igor and Alan wearing these. I finally managed to draw Igor the way I actually see him!

I like to create AUs for different fandoms- especially for Nirwa because it gives me opportunity to put him in many different situations. Thanks to one of those non-serious universes I accidentally found a really nice type of magic for him- pict/drawing magic. It involves him drawing something with ink and than materializing and controling it with will power. It just seems like a perfect form of magic for him because Nirwa can draw well, he likes to attack from a far and avoiding direct confrontation, he can use this form of magic to spy, he can prepare his spells in advance. His favourite pict form is a Goldcrest. And yes he will order it to spy on you