etsy find of the day 2 | 10.21.13

colorful circles/scales pillow cover by nirwa

i need to invest in some new pillow covers – they’re the best way to add a fresh pop of color to your interior decorating (cheaper than buying a new couch, that’s for sure!!). nirwa has a ton of colorful, geometric options – i like the peachy hues in this baby.

nook. n. a corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security.

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Cushions by #Nirwa. Double coffee table by @kekayuan.

This is Nirwa when he was 16. His name was Ariëndil. He looks way different than on this picture but I made sure to draw his face and eyes the same shape I did before (only, his face here is a little bit rounder because he’s younger). The only thing that makes him look so differently is his long, curly hair. After he was disfigured by fire, his hair was never as fair as it was during his youth. 

Teenage Ariëndil was shy but also tend to act grochy to hide his insecurity and low self esteem. He got jealous really easily. 

Coffee aesthetics. The only aesthetics I approve of. 

The first version of this pic was so sad, you have no idea. My mood was showing through this one and I wanted to make the pic more positive ‘n cozy. 

Tasting the aroma

Nirwa is a wraith so he cannot eat or drink. He does however like to ‘taste the aroma’,especially of different kinds of tea. His sense of smell is stronger thanhuman’s so it makes up for not being able to drink.  Since he is indoors, he shouldn’t have hishood on but I really like to draw him wearing it.

I dedicatethis drawing to Poppybrownlock who inspired me to make this headcanon.

I did as I promised myself I would do: I started to draw Nirwa more often. I’m still a bit nervous while coloring his face and hair but not as stressed as I did before. I never drawn so many Nirwas before in such short amount of time. 

I admit I really wanted to draw a Nazgul holding flowery teacup. My life is now completed. 

The Boyfriends

There’s something very comforting in drawing Nirwa being happy.  As you can see I changed my headcanons and now he doesn’t have scars on this side of his face. I think I’m finally starting to go in the right direction in coloring his hair (last time I kinda failed).

Anyway, this is my first pic of Bertram. He’s a character who was born in my main (Tolkien) verse but nowadays exists only in modern verse- mostly in fluff drabbles. He’s Ascot’s crush. He works in animal shelter with Nikita and is the one who gave Ascot a dog.

Yes, Ascot has purple glasses.



Reference picture

Obligatory coffee wip

I’m showing you my Nazgul again because I should study right now and I don’t want to promised myself that from time to time I will post comparison between a scanned drawing and finished picture.   

I started to edit my pics two years ago. Before that I was just scanning them and posting them as they were. As you can see, my scanner ruins pics so edit is necessary. First I was just fixing colors with brushes but later I started to almost entirely re-color pics and trying to give them digital painting effect. 

Now you can actually see that this pic was made on three pieces of paper. I originally wanted to just draw the middle part of the pic but it just felt kinda empty. 

“Golden Shawl”

Nirwa with longer hair in post LOTR A!U. His hair turned out short but in AU he has them almost to his shoulders.

Another reason why this is happening in an AU set in future is that- well Nirwa has desires and would most likely engage into things but convincing him to take off all his clothes is a task for many reasons.

Forgot to post this one here. I will probably do more of this meme since I like it and it motivates me to try and improve some more xD. 

So this is my one year of progress. I planned to do this comprasion for different character but I have to redesign him first and it will take some time. I decided to do this meme for a character who I created last year and drawn the most often through last year- Nirwa! :)
I’m not sure if comparing those two pieces is actually a good thing, though. The left pic was based on a design from manga (which doesn’t excuse this shuriken face) and the right one was supposed to be a realistic portrait. If artblock attacks me again I’m probably going to draw more drawings like this on the left so be warned xD. 

Also something I want to note- I was experimenting with giving him different face shapes and yes, for some time I was drawing him with longer face. Now I kinda went back into my first character design.

alannada said: Annatar looked at the robe, then at the Nazul. “I drowned there and you want me to wear that?”

“What happened, master? Do you have a trauma from that accident? How come? A great ruler shouldn’t be sentimental… *coughrevengecough is coughsweetcough*