I'm A little Mesmerized By That Look In Your Eyes

I think the roles have switched
I have memorized the way you sit
Feet grounded first
then you let your self fall
isn’t that how you take on life after all?
You have cared for me,
for way longer than I ever expected
we’ve known each other for a year
Way longer than I expected
You have a way
of not making me feel neglected.
We never claimed one another
but that has always been respected
We have been tested,
And still never struggle
to make it through the first line.
When I write about you,
I never struggle,
I could write a book about you,
And let my mind expand this bubble
I’ve been doing things
that can get me in some trouble,
But you like adrenaline,
and you like mystery
And I like to show you only certain parts of me.
But I’ve run out of parts to show,
Ask me something about you
That I shouldn’t but I definitely do know
You are a mystery show,
That I’ve been telling my friends
I’ve wanted to go.
I want to solve you.

- m.n