the signs as things that definitely aren't homestuck
  • ariesdia: not homestuck
  • taurus nirto: probably not homestuck
  • bees: homestuck? nah.
  • cantas: i can't believe it's not homestuck
  • leyone? lay john? leon?: nope. still not homestuck.
  • lesbian: not a homestuck in sight.
  • did nothing wrong ever, in her life: howdy hoo it sure ain't homestuck
  • spider (spider): neight heightsteightck.
  • horse: clip clop.
  • refrigerator: this post does not have nor will ever have anything to do with a webcomic called homestuck.
  • cape douche: there is like a 0% chance that this post is about homestuck.
  • puscus: reblog my creative text post.