Why doesn’t Honey spoil? தேன் கெடாததற்கு என்ன காரணம்?

Honey stays unspoilt for 1000s of years. Why? தேன் ஆயிரக்கணக்கான வருசமா கெடாம அப்படியே இருக்கே, ஏன்?

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Into the Woods: Giving "Snow White" a New Meaning

I happened to watch the trailer of the upcoming Disney musical “Into the Woods” recently:

Notice anything peculiar? Everyone is white. It’s a large ensemble cast of white people. (Scan through the cast on IMDB for more.) I wonder if this occurred to the people making the film. Did Meryl Streep and Anna Kendrick (who I’m guessing are liberals) exchange glances during the shoot and say “Hey Meryl/Anna, how come everyone here is white?”

I noticed this myself – I’ve seen live stage productions of this play, and they were all at least making an effort at being diverse. The Hollywood version? White white white.

Disappointing, because I love this musical but I won’t be watching the film version of it. The new Annie this winter, on the other hand…


No Enlightenment With Caste

Journalist Publisher S.Anand talks about how the caste system plays itself out primarily by its control of women and their sexuality. The talk fuses ideas from the recent work of radical anthropologist David Graeber with those of Ambedkar and tries to examine why and how gender injustice in india is intrinsically linked to persistence of caste.

Duration: 01:40:49

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What is it, really, that makes it far easier for people to wonder and gape at the apparent miracles of pseudoscience involving the suspension or violation of the laws of nature, while remaining oblivious to the true ‘miracles’ involving the subtle workings of those laws, that abound all around us in everyday life? Why is a Potteresque magic wand spewing light more wonderful than a laser whose radiation can bounce off Venus and come back? I think there’s an issue here that’s calling out for some careful analysis.

Life in the world of Involuntary behaviours

//The days between the 15th of May and the 15th of June, marks the Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month.

We celebrate thought and its freedom, yet remain trapped inside our cloistered minds as long as we avoid the mother with the autistic child at the community center. Unknowingly, unconsciously, we pull away the hands of our child as she tries to play with the little boy with the strange expression on his face… If not a cure, then at least there should be care in this world.//

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Reason, Prejudice and the case for LGBT rights

Perspectives from natural and social sciences and the humanities. Thinkfest 2014 was organised by Nirmukta Chennai Freethinkers and Orinam on 23rd Feb 2014. Panel discussion by Prof.Kalpana Karunakaran, Dr.L.Ramakrishnan, Ravichandran R, Poongulali.B and Shambavi.

25:33 “The University of Chicago” should be Northeastern University
25:55 Dr. Simon LeVay is a neurobiologist not neuropsychiatrist
26:25 Dr. Dean Hamer’s pedigree analysis suggested X-linked inheritance, not maternal inheritance

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Growing up in the visual world

Differences to diversity. Growing up in the visual world. A talk by Arvind Iyer.

Welcome speech by Cibi Poongundran. Introduction by Soorya Sriram.

Filmed on 22nd December 2013 by Chennai Freethinkers, a regional group of Nirmukta.

Chennai Freethinkers -

Duration: 01:25:19

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