Euskara in ~250 words

By popular request, there you go Euskara (batua) in 300 words! (inspired by this post by @funwithlanguages). We had to skip the “prepositions” section since Euskara has sort of postpositions - this is, suffixes - but it’s a list of nearly 250 basic words that we hope you’ll enjoy.

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First Verbs / Lehen aditzak

  1. be = izan
  2. there is = egon
  3. have = ukan, eduki
  4. do = egin
  5. go = joan
  6. want = nahi
  7. can = ahal
  8. need = behar
  9. think = pentsatu, uste
  10. know = jakin
  11. say = esan
  12. like = gustatu
  13. speak = hitz egin, mintzatu
  14. learn = ikasi
  15. understand = ulertu


  1. and = eta
  2. or = edo / ala (when only 2 possibilities are offered)
  3. but = baina
  4. so (meaning “therefore”; e.g. “I wanted it, so I bought it”) = beraz
  5. if = (baldin) ba-

Question Words

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For the first time in a long time, Rea cuddles. SWTOR. F!Jedi Knight x Doc romance. 500 words. Written for Fictober.

Nirea wakes in a strange place, naked and confused. She’s curled around something soft and warm–a body, a man–and cold metal is pressing against her back. All around her she smells sex and sweat and expensive cologne.

“Mmph,” Doc mumbles in his sleep, nudging his head deeper into the single pillow she allotted him. The pillow he is keeping all to himself.

She hadn’t meant to fall asleep here.

Something like panic roils in the pit of her belly, urging her stiff limbs to move, to get out of there as soon as possible. She tries to get up, but Archiban’s narrow bunk doesn’t leave much room for maneuvering and her muscles feel like lead weights. They beg her to stay put, to soak in the heat of Doc’s body, to savor the velvety softness of his skin against hers. This is nice, her body says. Stay.

But Nirea Velaran does not stay the night. She doesn’t do cuddles and sleepovers. She isn’t supposed to be here.

“Rea,” Doc grumbles, and she almost jumps out of her skin. His face is still buried in his pillow and his voice is still so thick with sleep she’s not sure he’s actually awake. “Go back to sleep, Gorgeous. The galaxy will make it six hours without you.”

She tries to force herself up. Musters every ounce of willpower, every inch of her Jedi training.

Her arm wraps more tightly around Doc’s middle, her hand snaking along his lean, muscled abdomen to rest just over his heart. The slow, sleepy rhythm pulses through her like a lullaby. She breathes deeply of that fancy cologne–it smells like real wood and leather and something very clean–and nestles her face into the back of his neck. His silky dark hair tickles her cheeks as she plants a soft kiss on that bone in the place where his neck meets his shoulders. He’s told her what it’s called a million times, but she can never remember.

Doc wraps both his arms around hers, making sleepy noises of contentment as he wriggles against her, filling every gap between them. He slips his fingers between hers, twining them over his heart. He mumbles something that may have been ‘good night’.

It’s a tiny bed, the mattress thin and lumpy, the sheets scratchy, and the pillows lacking. The wall is cold against her back and the air is a little too warm, a little too dry. Her entire body aches from days and days of punishment without rest.

Rea can’t think of a time she was ever more comfortable.

She isn’t supposed to be here, but this warmth, this easy affection is too much to resist. She can’t remember the last time someone touched her without fucking her or hurting her. She forgot how nice it can be. And now that she’s got it, she isn’t sure she can let it go.

It will hurt in the morning. But for now…

For now, Rea sleeps.


In another world, Nirea Velaran fails her duty as a teacher and her padawan pays the price. SWTOR Genfic. AU Fallen!Kira Carsen & F!Jedi Knight friendship/mentorship. 1500 Words. Nonspecific allusions to violence. 100% unpolished for Fictober.

“She won’t see reason,” the tinny voice crackles over the earpiece. “We’ve tried a dozen times and she won’t relent. We can’t wait any longer. You know what you have to do.”

Nirea Velaran gasps for breath, clutching the wound in her side as she crouches behind a computer bank. She thinks of Bengel Morr and wonders what Orgus would have done, had their positions been reversed back on Tython. She thinks of what little Jedi history she bothered to learn and wonders why they do this to themselves.

“If you go,” Kira calls from across the room. “I won’t stop you. This isn’t about you.”

It is. Rea doesn’t know how to explain that to her, not while Kira is locked firmly in the grips of this anger. This righteous fury. This is one hundred percent about Rea because Rea is the one who handed her failure after failure and never quite managed to tell her how to live with that. Rea is the one who took her to hopeless war after hopeless war, who subjected her to thousands of deaths she could do nothing about. Rea is the one who completely failed to teach her anything about how to live this horrible fucking life.

She wonders again why the Order sent her. There’s this feeling in her gut that says she already knows, that says they gave up on Kira weeks ago, and now they’re just testing the woman who let her fall.

Jedi and their fucking tests.

“If they would just leave me alone,” her padawan goes on, “I could finally do something to help. I’m not like you, Rea. No one is. The rest of us can’t take all the bullshit and the chaos and turn it into miracles.”

Maybe she should go easier on herself. Maybe this is the Order’s fault. Maybe the Council should have had a little more fucking wisdom than to ask her to teach an angry, unstable teenager when Rea had always been honest about having no idea what she was doing, herself.

(The voice reminds her that was probably the point. The Council probably thought imparting her wisdom to someone else would give her a more stable center. Fucking asshats.)

“Corporations and criminals have got the Senate’s balls pinned to the walls. There’s no corner of Coruscant not mired in corruption.”

The tinny voice in Rea’s ear repeats its instructions. It adds, a little impatiently, “If you wait much longer, Master Jedi, it will be too late.”

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Nobody has a good time on Balmorra. SWTOR ficlet. Kira Carsen & Doc being friends after a fashion; background F!Jedi Knight & Doc romance. 450 words. Written for Fictober.

“Ugh,” Doc grimaced as another one of those slimy, glowing worms plopped onto his shoulder. He nudged it off with the handle of his blaster.“Why don’t we ever go anywhere nice?”

Kira huffed up ahead, her lightsaber humming as she carved a path through the colorful, damp underbrush. “Probably the same reason I got stuck with babysitting duty. Rea likes to torment us.”

“Ten minutes on the dark side and now it’s all prisons and nature.” He brushed his sweat-slick hair back from his sweat-slick forehead and tried not to think about the sweat stains forming on his new shirt. “She used to like us.”

“Are you seriously making jokes? About that?”

“Laughter is the best medicine.”

“I ought to leave you out here,” Kira said. “Let you live among your own kind.”

“Do you mean the slugs—“ another one wriggled from the dirt just in time to be squished by the heel of Doc’s boot “—or the prisoners?”

“Either. Both.”

“That hurts, Red. I thought we were really starting to bond. Remember all those nice things—“

“What’s said on the Emperor’s torture station stays on the Emperor’s torture station. I’m pleading temporary insanity.”

“C’mon. We both know you love me.”

“I am tolerating you,” Kira said. “Temporarily. Just until Rea comes to her senses and everything goes back to how it used to be.”

Privately, Doc doubted whether it would. Things like what they survived—what Rea survived—they changed a person. And in his experience, the only way to move forward was to keep changing until you found a change you liked.

“Never thought I’d miss you two being gross.” After a moment’s hesitation, Kira added, in a much smaller voice, “You don’t think she’s really trying to get you killed do you?”

“Get me killed?” Doc laughed. “Takes more than a jungle of serial killers and cannibals to get Ol’ Doc. Rea knows that.”

Kira didn’t seem convinced.

“She’s still herself, Red. A bit wounded maybe, but still the same old Rea. Way I figure, she’s hoping we’ll up and leave her if she shoves all the stuff we hate in our faces enough. The classic making him leave so I don’t have to.”

Much as she liked to paint herself as a truth-telling straight shooter, Doc knew how slippery Rea could be. People didn’t expect such a loud, impulsive woman to keep as many secrets as she did.

“Well she’s doing a good job of it.” Kira slashed at a particularly thick bush with more force than was probably necessary, glowering. “Cause I sure as hell hate this.”

It was hard to argue with that.


Nirea Velaran may be gone, but she is not forgotten, and some people will always be waiting for her to come back. SWTOR fic; set during The Carbonite Years. M!Jedi Knight & Doc friendship.  F!Jedi Knight & Doc romance. 500 words. Mentions of limb loss. Written for Fictober.

Rhese flexes the hand, transfixed by the way light catches on the gleaming fingers. “The response time is good,” he says. “It feels…”

“I hear you get used to it,” Doc says. “Eventually.”

“The new articulations are going to take some practice.” Pinching with the flesh-and-blood fingers of his other—his real—hand, Rhese bends the middle finger of his shiny new hand all the way back until the nail is almost touching his wrist. The joints don’t resist him, but he feels, somewhere in the back of his mind, an echo of pain. Ghosts of feeling from a limb he no longer has.

Doc shakes his head. “Your sister is going to kill me.”

“You? You weren’t even there.”

“That’s exactly what she’s going to say.”

Rhese finds himself smiling. He’s sure she’ll understand, eventually, why they couldn’t stay together, but Doc is right. Rea’s always been overprotective. The second she sees the arm, she’ll be letting Doc have it, two years of separation be damned. For reasons Rhese has never understood, responsibility for their little crew seems to default to him when Rea can’t be there to look after them herself.

“I’m sure she’ll let it go when you point out that she wasn’t there either,” he says. “At least you did something to fix it. What did she do?”


“Please don’t try to comfort me. You’re no good at it.”

“Now that’s just not true. I’m very comforting. Ask anyone.”

“Your idea of comfort is a quickie in the supply closet. I think I’ll pass.”

Doc sighs. “Some people just don’t want to be helped.”

“Speaking of,” Rhese slides off the exam table and grabs his tunic. He slips his new arm into it slowly, hyperaware of how scratchy the fabric feels against it, and of how distant that feeling… feels. He clears his throat and tries not to think too much about it right now. “You have other patients. I’ll get out of your hair.”

Doc looks thoughtful for a moment, opening his mouth once or twice as if to say something but thinks better of it. Eventually, he just says, “Don’t forget your exercises. And you know where I am if you have any problems.”

Rhese nods, puts on his robe and belt, and turns for the door.

He’s half in the hall when Doc calls his name. He turns, swallowing a sudden rise of emotion in his throat. Doc seems to be doing the same, a curious expression on his face.

“She’ll be back,” he says. “I know you already know that, but… Doesn’t hurt to be reminded.”

Rhese swallows again, not even sure which emotion he’s trying to repress at this point. Anger? Sadness? Loneliness? Fear? There’s a maelstrom of it, spinning and twisting together in his belly. Mostly he ignores it, but sometimes…

He chants the Code in the back of his mind.

“She’ll be back,” Doc promises. “And you and me’ll be here waiting.”


It’s Nirea Velaran’s birthday and the crew of Renegade is faced with the age-old question: what do you get for the woman who is banned from has everything? SWTOR. Kira Carsen & Jedi Knight friendship. F!Jedi Knight & Doc romance. 300 words. Written for Fictober.

“A haunted house?”

Kira grinned. “She’s always saying how she loves them. And this one’s infamous. I tried to sneak in once when I was a kid, but it’s run by Hutts. Security was tighter than a–” Catching Doc’s eager look, she thought better of that sentence. “There was a lot of security.”

“She does love haunted houses,” Rhese agreed. “This is really thoughtful. It’s just…”


“We did this one as kids. And Rea–Well, you know Rea.”

Doc started laughing.

“She didn’t,” Kira said.

“You know she did.”

“With the–”


“Weren’t you two keeping that a secret back then?”


“That’s my wife,” Doc said proudly. “Haunting a haunted house.”

“Putting the Force to good use as always” Rhese grumbled.

“It’s been a long time since then. Rea’s grown. Maybe they won’t remember. Or maybe they just won’t care. She’s got friends on Nar Shaddaa now.”

A beat of silence passed as the three of them looked at one another.

“Okay,” Kira sighed. “I’ll return the tickets. But I’m starting to run out of ideas.”

“I’d let you borrow mine,” Doc offered, “but I don’t think you’d like them as much as I do.”

Ugh,” Rhese grimaced. “That’s my sister.”

“Stay focused,” Kira said. “We need ideas.”

“Ideas aren’t my strong suit. I’m more of an operational thinker.”

“Okay. Fine. Process of elimination. The Batwings have a restraining order, she’s banned from half the bars on Corellia, just about every casino in the galaxy has her picture on file. She’s even on the shit list on the swoop racing circuit. Swoop racing, Rhese. What isn’t she banned from?”

“War, mostly.”

They looked at one another. After a moment, Kira started to smile. “I’ll go get Rusk.”

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Picking just three songs is a challenge cause I have like five playlists for these dumbasses (gotta make a different playlist for every different vibe, y’know), but here is a very small sample of three of those…

Rea & Doc

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swtor 30 day jedi challenge - day six

Qyzen Fess: Ilse feels at ease with Qyzen. There’s a comfort in her interactions with him that is lacking in her relationships with less obviously intimidating beings. Qyzen’s code and his bluntness means that Ilse always knows exactly where she’s standing with him, with minor nuances due to fascinating cultural differences. His stoicism and confidence is a refreshing change from the inane pettiness of so many inhabitants of the galaxy.

It did take some time to adjust to his view of the Scorekeeper, and her own role as “Herald.” Ilse has come to terms with this by classifying the Scorekeeper as a particularly personal manifestation of the force. Her own role as Herald is therefore acceptable, being nothing more than a vessel for the Force.

While they do not always see eye to eye on particular practical matters, Ilse has found that she can usually bring Qyzen to her way of thinking with a brief explanation of her reasons, and that even if he still does not agree, he will yet abide by her.

Felix Iresso: In Felix, Ilse found someone to match her calm, even-handed approach to a life filled with strife and uncertainty. She feels affection for the LT, though suspects that he feels far more strongly about herself than she ever will for him. She’s grateful for his admiration, and believes that she can love him without the risk of dark side attachment. If he can pass the Jedi Council’s high bar for officially sanctioned romantic relationships, then she sees no harm in continuing to progress their relationship. It’s more for his sake than her own. Should the time bomb in his head become an insurmountable problem, at least he will die at the hands of someone who cares for him, and did everything in her power to save him first.

Nadia Grell: Ilse feels a great deal of sympathy for Nadia, and does her best to provide the stability and guidance that have so long been lacking in her life. She admires the younger woman’s courage and compassion, and enjoys the challenge in being forced to articulate her beliefs and thoughts on the Force, the Order, and life in general. While currently they share too much a master/padawan relationship for friendship, Ilse hopes that Nadia and her relationship will grow into something similar to the one she shares with Yuon Parr and the other peers of the order.

Leda Vaar: “Friend” would not be the word that Ilse would use to describe Leda. It’s both too little and too much for the sort of intimacy that exists between them. They have shared a master, and now share a pupil. They have taken down sith, saved planets, stopped plagues, and prevented governments from shattering. To try to count how many times one has saved the other’s life would be futile. While their philosophies on the force are not always in alignment, Ilse believes that this is more of a help than a hindrance, even when educating Nadia. It is important that their padawan learn that there are many ways for the force to work, many ways to hold to the code, than that she follows Ilse’s own, sometimes rigid, interpretation. Ilse trusts Leda (though not with the directions).

Nirea Valeran: While Ilse and Leda have a shared history, and a shared love of history, Ilse and Nirea come from utterly different backgrounds and have utterly different interests. They fight differently, speak differently. Nirea is defiant where Ilse is obedient; Nirea is reckless where Ilse is careful; Nirea is hot where Ilse is cold; Nirea is loud where Ilse is silent. And yet, they are both honest to a fault, share a great deal of compassion for the weak and wounded, care deeply for the freedom of the world, and a willingness to sacrifice anything for doing what they believe to be right. Ilse respects Nirea, admires the results she can achieve, and trusts her absolutely.