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TGAU #12

SWTOR. No game spoilers apart from the premise we’ve heard so far of KotFE.


At Ruth’s insistence, Wynston and Vector dispersed to find their own recovery. Ruth herself needed the space. Her friends were her friends, but that ‘Trust me’ still echoed in her head. Ruth herself walked into Command with her head held high, even though her clothes were crusted rags and she was limping with one arm curled in a sling to her chest. The first aid she had received, while far short of adequate care, had soothed the worst of her hurts and deadened most of her pain. It was enough to go on.

Quinn took her in with a single look that started with curiosity and ended in white-faced rage. “My lord,” he said. “Come with me.” Then he looked away and raised his voice. “Collins, prepare a kolto tank, specifications for my lord in the database. No idle talk on the way. My lord-” he touched her elbow as she took a limping step. “Lean on me.”

“The Wrath doesn’t lean,” she murmured, with a fleeting smile.

“Then don’t-lean on me as much as you require. Jeels, if you wish to keep your eyes you had best stop staring. This way, my lord.”

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Bad KotFE prelude (spoilers for the previews to date)

Ruth forced the door the rest of the way open and into a surprisingly clean corridor. When she rounded the corner it was to find a broad operations center, complete with large display screens showing logistical data and a set of workers as clean and attentive as those of Dromund Kaas. More than a few looked up. No one raised weapons.

“My lord.” The words were loud enough to carry, and everyone straightened. The speaker emerged from behind one of the screens and walked toward her in a way only half remembered, and now half real. “My lord,” he repeated, his voice oddly thick. “You’re alive.”

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642 Things To Write About: Stories (2)

Ok so here are a few little stories from my ‘642 Things to Write About’ book. It’s quite nice as it gets me to a write a range of stories at various lengths. And I get to play with stories I wouldn’t otherwise write!

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anonymous asked:

5, 11 please

Answered with Niral

5:How old is your OC?

They’re 31, surprisingly. Their appearance doesn’t age, and they still look/act like a kid a lot.

11:What is your OCs spirit animal?

Somewhere between a tortoise and a dog. not sure how that works

Favorite OC/companion relationships based only on in-game material:

  • Ruth/Vette, sisters 4 lyfe
  • Wynston/Kaliyo, backbiting one-upmanship
  • Calline/Torian, Mandalorian bros
  • Rho/Lord Scourge, philosophical adversaries (his decision to stay after Act 3 was awesome, especially since he gave a totally flimsy excuse)
  • Leshara/Zenith, Machiavellian bastards
  • Vierce/Elara, please stop being a good person it’s messing with my prejudice

Favorite OC/companion relationships in my own fic:

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TGAU #10

SWTOR. No game spoilers apart from the premise we’ve heard so far of KotFE.

Vector, clutching his ribs, was still pulling himself upright. “Wynston, don’t-”

“I said silence,” shrieked Darth Scythia, hurling a purple arc of Force lightning against the Joiner. He only made a small sound in his throat, but when the lightning finally died away, a swell of blood emerged from between lip and teeth. “You. Cipher. Every reputable source says the Wrath died nine years ago. Everything since then is hearsay.”

“They say something similar about me. But I’ve spoken with her. I’ve fought with her.“

“And how long has that been going on? She was seen with a no-name Chiss early in her career…but, I see that you did not send her to Korriban.”

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Who canonically pilots your ships?

Ruth,[unnamed]/Scorned: Vette. Until Quinn shows up and Ruth asks him to show her the ropes, ostensibly to be a more well-rounded combatant but let’s not kid ourselves. After that all three of them take turns until two of them leave. Piloting alone ends up becoming a habit with Ruth.

Jora Mei/Darth Scythia, [unnamed]: A pilot who used to work for the businessman Jora used to play arm candy for. She enjoys having the money to hire such a skilled worker away and she particularly enjoys having a contract with total power over him.

Wynston, Ministry of Corrections: Wynston. Like he would trust anyone else. Kaliyo forcibly takes the helm when she gets bored. Trouble ensues.

Calline, Boorcati Ch’at Baversco: Calline, with help from T5-M7.

Vette,[whatever Vette named her smuggler ship]: Vette. And Risha sometimes.


Vierce: Jorgan’s flight certified. Vierce keeps in practice, too. Elara, in keeping with Regulation 549.2, keeps up enough flight hours to maintain her certification in order at all times. Yuun’s qualified but doesn’t put in more than his basic hours. Tanno Vik knows how to hotwire a Thunderclap but does not otherwise volunteer for transportation duty.


Rho: Rho’s no expert but he muddles by with T7-01 until Rusk comes on board. Doc keeps offering to pilot. Rho keeps gently mumbling ‘no’.

Nalenne, S.A.B.E.R. Helicarrier: Quinn, until his untimely death. Then Pierce.

Golden Corral Restaurant 'Beyond Embarrassed' After Breastfeeding Run-In

Photo by Lita Bosch/Getty Images

Another day, anther public-breastfeeding slight — this time in upstate New York, where a mother of two was chastised by a Golden Corral manager for nursing her hungry 5-month-old daughter at a restaurant table while dining with family and friends.  

STORY: Mom Selling Breast Milk to Bodybuilding for Up to $2 an Ounce

“The manager walked right over to me and started to tell me that I needed to go and nurse my child in the bathroom,” mom Tiffany Eichstadt told CBS6 News. “I told her that I had the legal right to nurse wherever and however I wanted to and that I would not go to the bathroom to feed my child.” Still, Eichstadt, who could not be reached by Yahoo Parenting, eventually felt uncomfortable and went home.

STORY: Moms Barred From Breastfeeding…at Breastfeeding Conference

Franchise owner Niral Patel has offered a swift and strong apology to Eichstadt. “Golden Corral welcomes nursing mothers and their children into our restaurants. After all, we are a family-oriented restaurant. Our manager at the 1901 Central Avenue location in Colonie was just wrong,” she wrote in a statement to CBS6. “We are beyond embarrassed by this behavior and we have apologized to our guest for the incident. We have already taken steps and will continue to do so going forward to ensure that all of our managers and co-workers understand our policies so that we can consistently represent our respect for, and support of, nursing mothers.”

Breastfeeding laws vary by state, with New York permitting mothers to breastfeed their children “in any location, public or private, where the mother is otherwise authorized to be, irrespective of whether or not the nipple of the mother’s breast is covered during or incidental to the breast feeding.” Although, like the majority of similar laws in many other states, there is no enforcement provision to help women hold places accountable.

In order for more breastfeeding mothers to feel welcome and supported in public places, businesses need to take action from the top down, according to Miriam Labbok, director of the Caroline Global Breastfeeding Institute at the University of North Carolina. “Any new employee should be orientated to customer service, which should include this issue,” she tells Yahoo Parenting. She adds, interestingly, that she knows the Maynard family that founded Golden Corral (based in North Carolina), and that they are “very family-friendly and very pro-breastfeeding.”

But controversies about public nursing have come in a steady stream in the past couple of years, with reports of breastfeeding mamas being hassled and criticized in restaurants, at stores, at schools, at a casino, at their doctor’s office, on TV talk shows — and even, in one instance in the U.K., at a government-sponsored breastfeeding conference. It’s all resulted in a stream of “nurse-ins” and manager-issued apologies, but with no sign yet of a slowdown in debate.

Still, Labbok says she’s been in the field long enough to notice a shift toward acceptance, and believes it’s only a matter of time until public nursing is embraced as the norm. “In my generation — I’m in my 60s — we never used to see breastfeeding. But I think we’re on the verge of major change,” she says. “The majority of women now breastfeed, at least for a little while, and once the majority begins to do something there tends to be a societal shift.” That majority (79 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2014 Breastfeeding Report Card) is another reason why, she notes, “it’s in a business’s interest to accommodate women on this issue.”

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