RotG OC: Niral

You guessed right! And while they may not be Pinocchio, this little one was a doll before, and as such literally has no gender. Like Jack, but perhaps a little more fortunately, the memories of their life before being awoken are a little foggy, and they could use some help putting things into place. 

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I’m trying to fill in logical gaps and so on with this story. It leads to some things.

Ruth brought up her chin. “I’ve fooled them all these years, haven’t I? I’m not the monster they are, and either they don’t know or they can’t stop me. I can do this.”

“Ah,” said Larr Gith, very sweetly, “so you hid your pure intentions all these years by killing everybody. Very clever, I would never have thought of it.”

OC Profiles: Colran

(whoa, large picture)

Name: Colran Niral
Aliases and Titles: Lord Niral
Setting: SWTOR, Ruth!verse and every Ruth AU
Appearance: 5'9" and reedy, Colran doesn’t cut an imposing figure. Long face, grey eyes, straight black hair that he usually keeps around chin length, he looks as serious as he usually acts. It’s the look of Nirals, with none of the attendant traditional rage.
Major story arcs: The Light from Dromund Kaas, supplements to Ruth Means Compassion
Origin (IC): Born on Dromund Kaas, a seventh-generation Sith, Colran was the youngest of four brothers. They competed tooth and claw. When he was tossed onto Korriban to swim or die, Colran reacted by taking the first opportunity to run away. And that’s how he ended up in neutral space seeking Jedi shelter…
Origin (OOC): I honestly don’t remember when I first thought of him. Ruth needed parents, that’s all. I wanted one who could bring such a juggling-act Light Side Sith into being. That required some Jedi influence.
Dark Confession: He relies on the Light Side of the Force exclusively. Mostly because his Jedi master thought he couldn’t.
Body Count: 1 on Korriban, and it makes him sick to think of it. He has quietly angled two troublesome Sith on Dromund Kaas to death, and he doesn’t like that, either, but reasons that it’s self-defense.
Major Relationships: Father of Ruth Niral. Lover and later husband of Dolarra Reyne.
Highlights (where you’ve seen them): Colran was very hands-off during Ruth’s career, something I mean to correct in my rewriting. He left the Jedi life after he met Dolarra Reyne. He adored her. He was Ruth’s sole caretaker from Ruth’s age four until adulthood. He did eventually intervene in Ruth’s affairs when the galaxy turned against her. But he’s just one man, and not a very good warrior.
Characteristic Quotes: “They are my guardsmen and my friends. They’re what Ruth and I have that you don’t.”

“I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much about courtship. Your mother did most of the courting. The only thing I as a Sith could grant her was freedom. Freedom to be herself for a few minutes a week, support for her choices whatever they might be. Freedom to not have to be afraid, even for just a little while, that she’s being watched and ordered. Maybe it’s not much, but it’s something you and I are in a unique position to give.”

“A moment, captain. I don’t know exactly what your relationship with my daughter is, and I won’t be so crass as to ask specifics, but I will tell you to be kind to her. You know what she does, what she means to the Empire. And I expect it’s obvious what she means to me. I will press my authority for one question. Do you love her?”

“Where did you send my wife to die?”

i know that rn we have three fics we have to write: 

keshini and sana hanging out

something about niral (i got halfway through writing up something and then hated it so i have to rewrite) 

and now this india and ghandi fic 

anonymous asked:

5, 11 please

Answered with Niral

5:How old is your OC?

They’re 31, surprisingly. Their appearance doesn’t age, and they still look/act like a kid a lot.

11:What is your OCs spirit animal?

Somewhere between a tortoise and a dog. not sure how that works

OC meme: Ruth Niral

Ruth, for @kabeone.

Full Name: Ruth Niral (middle name? what?)
Gender and Sexuality: Female, straight
Pronouns: She/her/her, Wrath
Ethnicity/Species: Human, Caucasian
Birthplace and Birthdate: Kaas City, Dromund Kaas, SWTOR, on an Earth calendar May 1st 9 BTC
Guilty Pleasures: Bubbly bath products
Phobias: People who really enjoy cruelty.
What They Would Be Famous For: Being Darth Baras’s protégé and enforcer, being the Emperor’s protégé and enforcer, being the Empire’s enforcer
What They Would Get Arrested For: Murder, dozens of times over
OC You Ship Them With: In an only sometimes sexual way, Wynston. In a sexual way, a nameless rival on Korriban (it was a one-time thing while she was just coming into her power and he was trying to challenge it)
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Well, Wynston was supposed to. Larr Gith was supposed to. The Trooper was supposed to. Jora Mei most likely said she would. Virinos Geth definitely said he would. Of these all I think Larr Gith has the best actual chance.
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Tossup between high adventure and high romance.
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Anything grimdark. Anything that says the world can’t be improved and people just get crushed by it. Loss of agency.
Talents and/or Powers: Fantastic Force powers, finely honed lightsaber skill, the ability to logic Jedi into a corner and then offer them a way out
Why Someone Might Love Them: She really believes that, if the world cannot be perfected, it can at least be improved by the actions of people who care.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: She’s a career killer anyway.
How They Change: She loses trust early in her career, pushes away her friends, and pursues policies that she knows deep down aren’t the best ones. She justifies it to herself anyway. It takes the insane plan presented by Wynston and Larr Gith, driven by the more insane allegations they bring about the Emperor, to shake Ruth onto a new path.
Why You Love Them: She was my first. I mean, Nic was my first SWTOR character but Ruth was my first serious involvement with the game. As with Fionne, I took each new shock personally. And as usual with author inserts I had a real mixed bag of fun that was satisfying overall.

She’d given Lord Nirall the same choice she’d given Sir Carlin: die right then, or fake his own death and flee—flee far, and never use his given name again. So far, of the four men she’d been assigned to dispatch, all had chosen escape.
It wasn’t hard to get them to part with their seal rings or other token items. And it was even easier to get them to hand over their nightclothes so she could slash them in accordance with the wounds she would claim to have given them. Bodies were easy to acquire, too.
Sick-houses were always dumping fresh corpses. It was never hard to find one that looked enough like her target—especially since the locations of the kills had been distant enough to give the flesh time to rot.She didn’t know who the head of Lord Nirall actually belonged to—only that he had similar hair, and when she inflicted a few slashes on his face and let the whole thing decompose a bit, it did the job. The hand had also come from that corpse. And the lady’s hand… that had come from a young woman barely into her first bleeding, struck dead by a sickness that ten years ago a gifted healer could easily have cured. But with magic gone and those wise healers hanged or burned, people were dying in droves.
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Empowered AU, part 2. This occurs before Wynston reports to Intelligence. I’m still trying to make things make sense. No spoilers.


Ruth couldn’t stay long. War was coming, and her duties took her into dark places to seek the allies – and the targets – that her master needed. There was another concept that must be new to Wynston: a master. Not the bureaucracy of Intelligence but a personal commander. She would have to be careful about presenting that. She knew full well that she could teach him, but could never own him.

“I need to get back to Hoth,” she said. “Come with me. I’ll show you the galaxy the way I see it. The way I never could before.”

“I do have a day job, Ruth.”

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