This Week’s Selection

Here is another selection of preferences from the blog that you may or may not have known about…find something you love:

Soundtrack Series


Steal My Girl

Ready To Run

Where Do Broken Hearts Go


Girl Almighty

Fool’s Gold

Night Changes

No Control



Stockholm Syndrome


Change Your Ticket


Once In A Lifetime

Act My Age

Midnight Memories

Best Song Ever

Story Of My Life


Midnight Memories

You & I

Don’t Forget Where You Belong



Right Now

Little Black Dress

Through The Dark

Something Great

Little White Lies

Better Than Words

Why Don’t We Go There

Does He Know


Half A Heart

One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) - The Interlude

Take Me Home

Live While We’re Young

Kiss You

Little Things

C'mon C'mon

Last First Kiss


You Have An Affair With Him Part 3

You Have An Affair With Him Part 2

You Have An Affair With Him

He Calls You His Wife

He Loses Something of Yours

Sex Rumors

You Catch Him In A Lie

One of the Boys Finds Dirty Pictures He Had Of You

He Takes Dirty Pictures Of You

You Intimidate The Girls At The Video Shoot

One Bad Habit You Know He Hates But He Doesn’t Say Anything About

He Takes You To Meet Your Favorite Celebrity

You Lose Something Of His

He Visits Your Hometown For The First Time

He Gets In A Fight For You

He Proposes But You Don’t Think He’s Being Serious

You Learn A Language Together

Why You Won’t Get Married

You Take Him To Watch Your College Football Team Play In The BCS National Championship

Another Guy Kisses You

You Lose Something of His

He’s Someone Else’s Celebrity Crush and You Get Jealous

What He Loves Most About You

How He Finds Out Your Biggest Secret

The Things You Two Do To Drive The Fans Crazy

One Of The Other Boys Has To Stay With You For The Week

You Go House Hunting With Him But You Aren’t Moving In With Him

The Moment You Realize You’re Famous Because of Him

He Tells You To Quit Your Job

The Media Finds Out You’re Pregnant Before You Get A Chance To Tell Him

He Asks Your Dad’s Permission To Marry You

He Goes With You On Your Family Vacation  

Management Says You’re Around Too Much

He Doesn’t Show Up For Rehearsal

His Ringtone For When You Call

You Reach Out To The Fans

You Get A Tattoo That Reminds You Of Him And He Doesn’t Know About It

He Does The Shopping While You’re At Work

He Has To Be Away Longer Than He Expected

He’s Being Reckless

You Pack His Suitcase

You Go Out With The Other Girlfriends

You Cook A Meal He Doesn’t Like

Your Best Friend Spreads Rumors

You’re Offered A Job That He Doesn’t Want You To Take

He’s Asked About You Before You Two Make It Official

You’re With Him When He Sees His Family For The First Time Since Leaving For Tour

How You Prove You Aren’t With Him For The Money or Fame

Fans Spot You Outside His House The Morning After He Returns From Tour

The Fans See You Without Makeup On

Nightly Routine

Sex On The Tour Bus

What You Did Before You Met

Romantic Vacation Together And The Fans Think He’s Going To Propose

First Time Spending The Night Together

The Hotel Lobby Calls With Noise Complaints

The First “I Love You”

The Little Things You Do That Let Him Know You Care


Another Guy Hits You/Hits On You and He Loses It

He Wants To Elope

Your Waiter Hits On You

Birthday Gifts

He Spends Time With Your Sibling

He Meets Your Ex And He’s A Douche

One Shots

Request For Kelsey - Having To Call One Of The Other Boys

Request For Emily - He Does The Grocery Shopping

Request For Lalia - You Meet Him At The Hotel cont.

Request For Leah - Staying With His Mom

Request For Brittany - In School

Request For Frances - You “Lose” Something Of His

Request For Nia - Cute Moments

Request For Destiny - He Shows Up At Your Work

Request For Sammi - He Get’s A New Tattoo

Request For Alyssa - He Catches You Off Guard

Request For Aleksandra - Dealing With Rumors

Request For Allie - At A Photoshoot

Request For Amanda - Baby’s First Concert

Request For Maribel - When He’s Not Around

Request For Leah - Defending Yourself To Fans

Request For Jaylyn - Behind The Scenes

Request For Brittany - Call Or Delete

Request For Aya - On Tour With Him

Request For Ally - Lunch Date

Request for Brittany - Out By Yourself

Request For Emme - An Evening At Home

Request For Emily - He’s Leaving For Tour

Request For Sofie - The Two Of You Are Interviewed

Request For Jael - Visiting Family

Request For Raquel - The Fans Outside Your House

Request For Abby - He Catches You Jamming To 1D

Request For Nichole - He’s Drunk

Request For Alex - Tattoos Together

Request For Hailey - He’s Sick

Request For Kelsey - Video Shoot

Request For Mary - Taking Him To The Studio

Request For Cass - He’s On Tour

Request For Bree - Dealing With Hate

Request For Haley - Going Out With Everyone

Request For Elina - Typical Days When He’s Home

Request For Sofie - The Fans Find You

Request For Jewel - You Go With Him To Get A Tattoo

Request For Lindsey - You Meet The Super Fans

Request For Caitlin - Visiting Him On Tour: Checking Into The Hotel

Request For Brittany - He’s Asked About You Before You Two Make It Official

Request For Rebecca - You Catch Him Doing Something Childish

Request For Lillian - You Do Damage Control

Request For Sydney - He’s Being Reckless

Request for Erin - Hotel Party

Request for Celina - Running Into Fans Together

Request For Miranda - You Make An Appearance On TwitCam

Request For Brittany - He Catches You Jamming To 1D

Request For Sophie - He Tells You That He Loves You For The First Time

Request For Eva - You Lose Something Of His

Request For Chloe - He Takes You To The Studio

Request For Makenzie - Going Out For The First Time

Request For Allie

Request For Ava - Sneaking Into His Hotel Room

Request For Shannon - Studying Abroad

Request For Xiomara - He Wants You To Move Across The Pond With Him

Request For Stephanie - Unusual Fight

Request For Paige - He’s Being Reckless

Request For Jenna - A Fan Comes Up To You While You’re Out By Yourself

Request For Dennese - You Show Him Up  

Request For Laura - You Act Like You Hate Each Other

Request For Juliette - He Sees You In The Crowd

Request For Caleigh - He Sees You For The First Time

Request For Lindsey - First Fight

Request For Brittany - You Run Into Him…Literally

Request For Dominique - He Calms You When You’re Nervous

Request For Hanna - He Shows Up Unexpectedly

Request For Haley - You’re His Crush



RotG OC: Niral

You guessed right! And while they may not be Pinocchio, this little one was a doll before, and as such literally has no gender. Like Jack, but perhaps a little more fortunately, the memories of their life before being awoken are a little foggy, and they could use some help putting things into place.