Her name is Nira. Her backstory is not determined yet. So far she has panties bra and a elastic and ruffle chest harness. I have discovered I am bad at pattern making. o.o. Adventures so far: So I learned how to pull her head off. That was a panic moment trying to put it back on. My manager was not amused when she wandered by. She stands okay ish. But needs restringing she’s wound tighter than I am. hah. I found some sculpie and soon as I have some downtime between comissions I’m gonna make her some horns…. and then figure out how to install magnets so they stay on. Maybe rare earth magnets…. hum.


₪ Mistress Nira and the Cottage ₪

Poor sweet Nira, she came to me with her mind drifting to a shirtless servant in her aunts home. A man I feel she is attracted too, I have told her that I do not look down on her for thinking of him still. He was handsome she told me. I have told her that perhaps he would make a fine lover. With our words complete. The King and I took a trip to the hidden cottage up north. We shall be gone for about three days time. I look forward to an update at my return of this servant boy.