“You are beyond comprehension.”  Solas grinned, his arms gently grazing her back as he leaned over her.  With each passing day, Nira’sal found a way to surprise him, distracting him from his duty, and that was something that he desperately needed.

A giant grin spread across Nira’s features as she looked up at him.  “You love it and you know it.”

I commissioned @ummmmandy to draw me this sweet little picture of Nira’sal and Solas and I absolutely adore it!  This is quite easily one of my favorite commissions and I’m just so happy with it to the point where I can’t stop staring.  You bet your bottom you gonna be getting some more commissions from me <33

Nuka World: Companions We Could've Had
  • Oswald: the glowing ghoul magician
  • Cito: the wild man raised by gorillas
  • Dixie: the bloodthirsty girl from the Disciples
  • Lizzie: the mastermind inventor from the Operators
  • Who we got: Eyepatch McMohawk Porter Gage who saw his family got hurt and thought it was a good idea to be a raider at age 12

i’m not much more than means of a conversation but on my best days i can be a smile full of art. i’m not much more than another soul attempting to make sense of this world, but i’ll sing a song for you if it’ll ease the racing thoughts. i’m not much more than a goodnight wish and bad poetry before bed, but i’ll remain hopeful for you.

- i’m not much, but your existence makes me feel otherwise.

18.04.17 - Friends & tea 🍵💓.

I love these disabled ladies and their friendship, but I hadn’t drawn them into same picture before? I had to fix that.

Let it snow - let it snow - let it snow! Just becouse i love the weather i actually have outside. Bless that boi! 

- Harriet. 

You may NOT use my characters or my arts for YOUR roleplays and other purposes.Do NOT repost my artworks anywhere, without MY permission.Just respect my art stuff and time, thanks!



I still can’t believe I have this many followers, thank you so much to everyone who took the time to follow me! It means a lot, really.

So as a thank you gift I’m uploading the tray files of one of my favorite sims, Aubrey Wise.


  • outgoing
  • music lover
  • lazy

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Voltron Headcannon

First it was Shiro. Killed by Zarkon in the Astral Plane. We found his body in the Black Lion. He left behind his team, lover and unborn child.

Second. Keith. He became more the reckless after Shiro’s death. It’s what got him at the end of Lotor’s sword. Straight through the heart. They said he died within seconds. Alone

Third. Hunk. Encounted Narti on a recon mission. She and her mangy bag of fur rendered him brain dead. I felt my heart break when I turned off the pod. There was nothing we could do.

Fourth. Coran. Shot in the chest after protecting the princess and one year old son. Pidge and I lost our space uncle that day. Allura never forgave herself, her son won’t remember his great uncle.

Fifth. Katie. She grew into a very beautiful youn woman. Then she found a lead on her brother and father. Without thinking of the consequences she flew to the planet with the lead and fell into a trap. We have no idea if she us even alive or dead. I bit of me hopes she’s dead, thd hope she doesn’t encounter Haggar.

Sixth. Allura. Bought time for her four year old son (Ome; named after Shiro’s japanese heritage) to run. To run far, far away and find uncle Lance. I didn’t come back in time. She died in my arms, surrounded by her pseudo brother and son. At least she didn’t die alone.

Seventh. The Old Lance. My old self shattered more and more when each of them died. Only my pserdo nephew barely keeping the seams together. But hardly bringing me back from the depths my mind has succumbed too.

This was the end of the second generation paladins. Not the end of Voltron, but the start of a new one. The third generation Paladins.

Black Paladin. Lance. As the eldest and most experienced the Black lion chose me to continue the legacy of Voltron. A leader.

Red Paladin. Ome. Skilled and quick. Has the fighting and leader traits his parents had. He’s my right hand man. And I will not fail him. I will not make him feel alone as the only Altean in the universe. (Minus Lotor) I will never fail him.

Green Paladin. Chax. An Olkari. Younger than Pidge when he was chosen, but smart and sassy as she was. My heart hurts every time he does something similar to something she did. We found him after Ome and I busted a trafficking ring on one planets near the space mall. Stuck in a cage, too skinny to be normal for his species. I busted him out and decided to put him under my wing.

Yellow Paladin. A Balmeran. Vera. Her personality like a mother. Her hugs and affection matches it too. We found her after the Galra attempted to take the Belmera again. Right beside the bodies of her parents that were mowed down in a sentry fleet. I took her home, fed her, gave her shelter. Gave her Hunk’s bandana to make her feel safe. She wears it on her wrist. My heart breaks just a little more when I see her wear it.

Blue Paladin. Puigan. Nira. Her blue hair matches her lion. Ome found her at the space mall when she was caught by the security guards for shoplifting. Lets be honest everyone on the castle, ships them. I’ve found she acts like me, the Old me. Flirty, arrogant, loud. But I know it’s an act. I was just like her. She’s hiding pain.

The third generation paladins has started. Destroying the Galra like we did years ago. We became a family instead of a team. Even got a few if them to call me dad accidently. Sure, accidently.

Everything was back in action. 20 years of fighting the same war. 15 years raising Ome. 10 years training for the future, Ome at my side. 5 years collecting the current paladins and raising them as well.

Their training may have more brutal than Allura’s but its for the best. Now they’re five times skilled when we started and absolutely brillant. We are fine, we are family, we will stay together for eternity. I will not make the same mistakes. I can feel myself slowly become complete again.

History will not repeat itself.

That was until Haggar corrupted a wormhole that sent us back 20 years in the past. Landed in the middle of the fight at the Balmera.

This will be hard to explain?