Nuka World: Companions We Could've Had
  • Oswald: the glowing ghoul magician
  • Cito: the wild man raised by gorillas
  • Dixie: the bloodthirsty girl from the Disciples
  • Lizzie: the mastermind inventor from the Operators
  • Who we got: Eyepatch McMohawk Porter Gage who saw his family got hurt and thought it was a good idea to be a raider at age 12

Chnnm, demon goat thing, general mischief-maker, Kind Of An Asshole

Bash, fursona, snake-goat-sheep-monster, crutch is no longer applicable but the rest of this is pretty okay. Spins fire poi!

CCCat, Whirlpool/Maelstorm, wields a space anchor magic dealio. CCCat species info is super whack and can be found @

Nira, cougar-anole-black hole monster (black hole is in her throat, she will eat anything that does (not) fit in her face) all of the weird spikey things on her mouth/back open into data ports (good example here)

My Entire Character Folder is here - but there are some in there that I would prefer not be drawn/I don’t have as deep a connection of and I want to make sure I can cherish this art for a good long ass time ; v;/

To celebrate the success of my birthday list in 2015, here’s the complete list of the drabbles I wrote for some of you throughout this past year!

Ever since last September, eighteen birthday drabbles were posted, resulting in almost 35 000 words written for this purpose only, most of which were written for Stydia (Drabble #10 was for Sterek and #16 for Nira).

If you want to join my birthday list, here’s what you need to do. Please make sure to pay special attention to the new rules!

Enjoy reading - and re-reading - the drabbles, and maybe leaving a review! I love all of them to pieces and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed writing them. You can always check out the rest of my work right here :)

Have an amazing 2016, everyone ❤

  • Drabble #1 - “Looks like we’ll be trapped in here for a while…” (Tumblr / AO3 / FF / Wattpad) - Stiles is a thief and Lydia is an FBI agent. Not knowing that another gang is robbing the art gallery that Stiles intends on breaking in, both Stiles and Lydia end up tied up in a room together. Stydia AU. Written for @kuulei-nuggets
  • Drabble #2 - “I might have had a few shots…” (Tumblr / AO3 / FF /Wattpad) - Lydia gets wasted and Stiles picks her up from the bar. Completely drunk, Lydia confesses her feelings for Stiles only to forget about it the next morning. Lucky for them, Lydia is smart enough to ensure that she’ll remember. Stydia one-shot. Written for @stydia-martiniski
  • Drabble #3 - “Just relax, I’ll wash your hair for you.” (Tumblr / AO3/ FF / Wattpad) - Lydia panics about her hair after coming home from battlefield. Written for -thewalkingwolf on Wattpad
  • Drabble #4 - “Marry me.” (Tumblr / AO3 / FF / Wattpad) - Two strangers meet at a bar. Stydia AU. Written for @newtevans
  • Drabble #5 - “Why are you so annoying?” (Tumblr / AO3 / FF /Wattpad) - Lydia wants Stiles’ jacket, he doesn’t want to give it to her. Or Stiles and Lydia bicker at a coffee shop. Written for @twwolfimagines
  • Drabble #6 - “Don’t tempt me.” / “Bite me.” / “Eat me.” (Tumblr /AO3 / FF / Wattpad) - Lydia tries to have sex with Stiles after their unexpected first time. Written for @toonobleforanger
  • Drabble #7 - “You’re smart and successful with an adorable belly.” (Tumblr / AO3 / FF / Wattpad) - Scott and Allison visit Stiles and Lydia in San Francisco to find that after five years of marriage and with a baby on the way, Stiles and Lydia are still very much in love. Stydia AU. Written for loveabletakesover on Wattpad
  • Drabble #8 - “It’s always been you.” (Tumblr / AO3 / FF / Wattpad) - Stiles and Lydia spend their last night together before they part ways for college. Written for @rachel–me
  • Drabble #9 - “You’re jealous, aren’t you?” (Tumblr / AO3 / FF /Wattpad) - Stiles finds out that Lydia is jealous and he won’t stop until she admits it. Written for @kirughyukimura
  • Drabble #10 - For Sterek - “The planet is fine. The people are fucked.” (Tumblr / AO3 / FF / Wattpad) - Stiles is a babbler. Stiles is a babbler and his big mouth leads to him getting hurt, and the fact that he’s bleeding onto Derek’s floor doesn’t make it any less true. Written for @leetje
  • Drabble #11 - “I think it’s about time we stop avoiding the obvious.” (Tumblr / AO3 / FF / Wattpad) - Part 2 for Drabble #9. Stiles knows that Lydia is jealous, so he keeps pushing her. Written for @deepkissesandunexpectedhappiness
  • Drabble #12 - “Are you still awake?” (Tumblr / AO3 / FF / Wattpad) - Lydia calls Allison to tell her the good news. Written for  TheFlashFanatic13 on
  • Drabble #13 - “Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?” (Tumblr / AO3 / FF / Wattpad) - Stiles is nervous on his first date with Lydia. He has no reason to be. Written for @therisingalleria
  • Drabble #14 - “I am not jealous.” (Tumblr / AO3 / FF / Wattpad) - Part 3 for Drabble #9. Stiles and Lydia figure it out. Written for @stydiasroden
  • Drabble #15 - “You are completely unfit to handle a child.” (Tumblr / AO3 / FF / Wattpad) - Stiles decides that babysitting is a great way to make some easy money to help his dad pay their bills. Lydia tags along to make sure everything turns out okay. Written for @toofarforward
  • Drabble #16 - For Nogitsune/Kira - “Do you need me to kill someone for you?” (Tumblr / AO3 / FF / Wattpad) - Jirou has some trouble learning how to be social again, but Kira doesn’t mind much. Written for @ailuk
  • Drabble #17 - “Are you wearing my shirt?” (Tumblr / AO3 / FF /Wattpad) - Lydia wears Stiles’ lacrosse jersey in public for the first time. Written for @lunaxgoddess
  • Drabble #18 - “Are you sure this is legal?” (Tumblr / AO3 / FF /Wattpad) - Stiles is willing to break a few rules if it makes Lydia happy. Written for @stydiaokaybye