Check out this awesome Super Mario Bros. costume depicting Mario in his original 8-bit form. These photos were taken by e_earphone and mamerialyuuyaaa at a huge cosplay street festival taking place in the wonderfully geeky Nipponbashi district of Osaka, Japan. It’s such a well-attended event that classic Mario ran into a little Luigi. Let’s hope no one got in the way of that giant Koopa shell.

Visit Kotaku Cosplay for many more photos from this fantastic event.


274. Waro Kishi /// House in Nipponbashi /// Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan /// 1992

OfHouses guest curated by Graham McKay (Misfits’ Architecture):
“In my six choices so far I’ve ignored the contribution of land and gardens. Bubble House and Gen-An wouldn’t be the same without the land around them and Zero Energy House needs space around it to work. The other three houses are unimaginable with gardens. One thing we’ve unconsciously picked up from Japanese houses is to do without a garden. Houses don’t have to be surrounded by luscious land to be counted as architecture anymore. My final choice is therefore a house that creates its own environment. Waro Kishi’s House in Nipponbashi brings together all of these themes. It’s fiercely compact like House in Uehara. Height is the only quality in excess and Kishi uses that to great effect, like Sakamoto did with windows at Machiya in Minase. Like Gen-An it’s a viable prototype for living. It has the same decadence of excess that Rockefeller Guest House makes a point of. Like Bubble House, it looks like it’s fun to be in. I can’t speak for its energy performance but an assembly of readymade components on only 30sqm of land must count for something.”
(Photos: © Hiroyuki Hirai.)