nippon made


Here’s something some of you may have never seen before: the original Hunter x Hunter pilot episode from 1998!

This stand-alone OVA was released as a part of the traveling “Jump Super Anime Tour” in 1998, and was shown alongside a pilot for One Piece! It became available for purchase on VHS later, through an exclusive mail-in offer from Weekly Shonen Jump. Animation was handled by Pierrot Studios, unlike the series produced in 1999, which was made by Nippon Animation, and as such, the art direction and vocal cast are completely different.

The pilot covers the first two chapters of the story, but takes liberties. And by liberties, I mean they fight a giant sea monster. 

The setting and character design are also extremely different from what we all now know and love! It’s always interesting to see all the changes a series goes through over the years.

Happy new year everyone!