So I get asked all the time how I bind with KT tape– which I do pretty regularly.

I cut the strips in half and as you can see they hardly wrap around my ribs at all, and due to the type of tape it is it’s very safe (only real risk is to your skin/nipples due to the adhesive… And your bloodflow to your nipples can decrease over time).* KT tape is thin, flexible, and is meant to increase bloodflow and be worn by athletes for long stretches.

Taping lasts several days for me (even through swimming and showering)– and in the Texas heat this open chest binding is often preferable to other binders for me.

Keep in mind– this WILL NOT flatten you like a binder will unless you have a VERY SMALL chest. My chest is maybe a AA Cup, and is very muscular so this works well for me, and I’m only showing this because I get so many questions about it. Additionally– 1 roll of KT tape is $10-15 depending where you buy it (you can get it at drug stores, target, Amazon, etc), so 3 rolls will cost you the same as a binder would.

If you’re going to use tape, take it off once it starts to peel, and take it off in the shower or with water. Also you can put tissue over your nipples if you need. ((Please don’t follow my lead if this is not going to work for you, but this is my attempt to make sure people tape safely if they’re going to because I’ve done my research and talked to doctors and trainers for their opinions on taping your chest and I’ve seen people attempting to tape with KT tape and using it like an ace bandage wrapped all the way around their ribs which can be VERY DANGEROUS)). *These risks can cause healing post top surgery to have complications.

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Would you be able to do a fic where Phil edges Dan for like, a week, and he can't help it when he comes in his pants while they're out? Bonus for daddy or choking kinks

sorry this took a while. this is pwp bc i have hella writers block and im too lazy to come up with plot lol sorry. also this is like the worst thing ive ever written sorry.

Phil had originally told Dan that he couldn’t cum on Monday night while he was teasing him at some fancy restaurant. At the time Dan had just assumed that he meant at the restaurant and patiently waited for his orgasm later that night. But thats when Phil put a cock ring on him and ate him out.

“Daddy! Daddy please, I was a good boy at dinner. I didn’t cum then, please let me cum now sir!” Phil pulled away from his ass and crawled up to where his head was.

“If you were a good boy you wouldn’t be begging for something I’m definitely not going to give you baby.”

That night Phil edged Dan for two hours before finally pulling away and going to bed next to him. Dan cursed him out before he went to bed but he was so sure that he’d cum tomorrow night and all would be fine.

Tuesday night Dan was watching anime and just zoning out when Phil came into the living room. “Wanna have some fun baby?” Dan nodded automatically and pulled Phil onto the couch with him. When Phil leaned down to kiss Dan he wrapped a gentle hand around his neck and squeezed the slightest bit. Dan moaned into Phil’s mouth and pulled him impossibly closer.

“I get to cum tonight right daddy?” The look that Dan gave Phil was similar to a sad puppy and he nearly gave in, but he knew that he wanted to edge Dan all week and he couldn’t give in this easily.

“Mmm, I’ll think about it princess,” he said as he leaned down again to nip at the boys throat. He removed his hand from Dan’s throat to tug off his shirt and took his own shirt off while he had the chance. As Phil slowly unbuttoned and removed Dan’s pants he left dark marks all over his hips. Dan panted and begged for more but he wasn’t getting anything.

Phil finally got Dans pants off and closed his mouth over the obvious bulge in Dans boxers.

“Already so hard for me baby, is it alright if I suck you off?” Clearly the answer was yes and Phil wasted no time getting to it. He slid Dan’s boxers off and sucked on his tip. Dan bucked up into his mouth and tangled his hand into Phil’s hair.

Quickly Dan got close, all it took was a couple of kitten licks and some pet names to get him on the verge of cumming.

“Need it- need- Ph- Daddy- lemme cum,” Phil pulled up momentarily to smirk before answering.


“Daddy? What do you mean nooo?“Dan whined, bucking up into the mouth that was already back on him.

"I mean, I want to edge you for a week baby boy,” Dan shot up at his words, surprise evident in his wide eyes.

“What the hell Phil?!”

“Come on Dannn, it’ll be fun. We get to fool around just like normal you just don’t get to release until the end of the week. It’ll be more pleasurable by then.”

“Fuck no, theres no way I’ll be able to hold off like that Phil.”

“Please?” He asked pathetically before leaning close to his ear and adding “It’ll be so fun princess, just think about it alright?” Then he pulled away a final time and went back to his room.

Wednesday morning rolled around and Dan had his decision made.



“You can- yknow- if you want…” Phil’s eyes widened as if he was surprised and then a grin spread across his face. The genuine smile made Dan feel a lot more comfortable with this, Phil said it would be enjoyable, and he knew his safeword.

By Friday night Dan was tired of this shit. He’d been edged too many times for his liking, at least three times a day Phil was touching him. Currently Phil had him held against the wall by a pale hand on his throat. He was pumping his cock while whispering in praise into his ear. Dan begged and begged for his release but got nothing.

That night when Dan went to bed he had a leaking hard on and hickeys covering his entire body. This had been his whole week, but Phil said he could cum tomorrow so he couldn’t complain.

Saturday morning came slower than Dan would’ve liked. He woke up with his cock still hard and his boyfriend still asleep.

“Phil! Phil! Phil! Wake uppp! I get to cum today, get up, get up get up!” He was bouncing around all over the bed like a child on christmas day.

Phil groaned and buried his face in the covers, “Hmph five more minutes Dan.”

“Noooooo! Daddy come on!” Phil sat up at the name but not for the reason Dan wanted. He stood up and threw on some jeans without looking once at his confused boyfriend. As he picked up his phone he glanced at Dan and smirked.

“Five minutes. Be ready, were going to run some errands.” Dan suspiciously got dressed and followed his boyfriend out the door.

They’d been shopping for hours for useless shit Dan was sure they didn’t need and Dan was starting to get tired of it.

“Come on Phil- hurry up, i wanna go home and have some fun,” Phil put away the candle he was smelling and grabbed Dan’s hand.

“Okay sweetheart. I just wanna stop and get some Starbucks first alright?”


While Dan ordered Phil and his drinks Phil grabbed them a seat at their normal booth in the corner of the Starbucks.

“Here you are,” Dan said as he set down their drinks on the table.

“Thank you love,” their conversation carried on as usual until Phil placed a hand onto Dans thigh. This was usually an innocent act but after this past week, any little touch made Dan whine. He looked at Phil with pleading eyes when he felt him sliding his hand up further and further. “How about we go to the bathroom and I can help you out with your little issue there,” Phil whispered.

When Phil stepped out of the booth Dan followed him closely behind to the bathroom. As Dan stepped into the one person bathroom and locked the door behind them he didn’t have time to think before Phil was on him. He immediately had his hand wrapped around Dans throat and pushed him against a wall.

“Listen to me baby, okay? You’re gonna suck me off and then I’m gonna fuck you but you’re still not going to cum until tonight when we get home. And if you do, your punishment will be far worse than this entire week of edging.”

Dan squeaked out a reply of “Yes daddy.” before Phil started to tease him. He ran one hand all around Dan’s chest while the other stayed wrapped tightly around his throat. When Phil started to kiss at his neck and tease Dan’s nipples at the same time, Dan completely lost it. He started writhing against Phil and quietly pleading for more.

“Baby, you gotta be a little more quiet or else we’ll get caught,” Phil warned.

“Daddy, I just want you-”

“Then get on your knees and you can have me.” Dan obeyed and scrambled to get to his knees. He pulled Phil out of his pants impatiently and started to lick at his slit. Using his hands to pump the rest of Phil, he mainly focused on the head of Phil’s cock because thats what would work him up the quickest. He made little whiny noises every now and then and looked up at Phil with wide innocent eyes. He needed Phil to get close quickly so that they could get home and he could cum.

When Phil got close he tugged on Dans hair, “I’m assuming you still have your plug in? I brought some lube from home.” Dan nodded submissively and stood once again, already putting his chest against the wall.

“Please, fuck me daddy, I’ve been a good boy all week,” Dan was going to go on but Phil had already started tugging his jeans down. Phil lubed himself up and pulled Dan’s butt plug out quickly. They put the plug in on the third day because stretching was getting annoying and they needed convenience this week.

As Phil slowly pushed in, Dan let out a moan and pushed back against him. Phil fucked up into him hard immediately, trying to cum soon so they could get home quickly. This entire week was extremely enjoyable for Phil but he really couldn’t wait for the face of ecstasy when Dan was finally able to release.

“Daddy- Daddy fuck please, hurry up,” Phil listened and started to pound into Dan at a fast pace. Dan did all he could to try and get Phil to cum. He moaned exaggeratedly and pushed back against Phil with every thrust.

“Just a little longer baby- fuck,” Phil groaned and with one last thrust he released into Dan.

“Yes-Yes- fuck daddy-” Dan felt himself getting so close, but he knew not to cum.

“Okay come on, pull up your pants, and lets go baby boy.” He demanded, sliding his own pants up and trying to fix his hair.

They both looked awfully flushed but Dan didn’t care, he just rushed back to the booth and waited for his next demand.

Once again Phil slid into the booth next to Dan and leaned into whisper in his ear, “Princess, I wanna stay here and finish my drink, then we can go. Sound good?” As soon as Dan nodded, Phil’s hand was back on his thigh.

“Daddy- can’t hold it if you’re touching me-” He looked up at Phil with pleading eyes. He definitely wouldn’t last if Phil kept his hand there on his thigh. The grip on his thigh became tighter and he let a whine escape.

“I told you earlier there would be a punishment if you cum before were home baby,” At the word baby Dan was spilling into his tight jeans. He couldn’t control himself anymore as he pathetically whimpered.

“Sorry- fuc- I’m sorry daddy.” He bucked slightly into the air as Phil shot him daggers with his eyes.

“You’ll regret that later princess.”

Snow Days - Stuart Twombly [Smut]

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Character(s): Stuart Twombly/Reader

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Fingering, Orgasm Denial, Oral (both receiving)

Word Count: 4216

Notes: This is part 2 to Heat Haze Days. Please go read it if you haven’t already. This turned out to be pure filth. And I am not sorry for it. Ya’ll can honestly thank @sincerelystiles for this. She encouraged me to write part 2 and, between her and @ninja-stiles, encouraged me to go full ham on the sin. They are dolls though and I love them for the support. Please let me know how you guys like it!

Part 1 - Heat Haze Days

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Hey Boss

Title: Hey Boss

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,650

Warning: It’s demon!Dean smut

Summary: You’re a demon in Hell that wants to serve one of the most legendary badasses you’ve ever heard of; Dean Winchester. The famed hunter, who wore the Mark of Cain, only to be turned into a demon. All this pent up rage and lack of fucks to give, Dean is more than happy to have a willing demon hanging on his every word.

“Run that by me again?” Dean slowly turned to you, swirling his glass of whiskey.

“Well, sir, I just know that a man of your power…you need a loyal servant.”

Dean just stared at you for a moment. His eyes never moved, but you could see the wheels turning in his head. Slowly sipping his whiskey, he let the warm heat rise in his body before he answered.

“Let me get this straight. You want to…serve me?”


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RENT BOY (Chapter 1)

Well the anonymous wanted a JB fantasy and they’ve got it. I’ve always fantasied about being Justin’s personal Rent Boy so heres a little scene staring Ryan Johnson (feat. Justin Bieber)

My Names Ryan, I’m 20 years old and I’m a high class escort. The Men I tend to deal with are mainly celebrities. One of my Main clients and definitely one of my favorites is Justin Bieber. I’ve been working for Justin for quite a few years now, ever since his comeback and every time he visits the UK. I’m booked to service him for his entire visit.

During the Purpose Tour I’m escorted back stage and hes there waiting, shirtless. He walks over to me, kisses me gently running his tongue across my lips until I give him access to my mouth and then he massages his tongue against mine. After we kiss for a little while to whispers

“You know what to do” and boy do I.

I kiss my way across his beautifully smooth chest and run my tongue against the fine hairs in the middle of his chest, then i find his right nipple and latch onto it with my mouth gently sucking and biting down making his moan softly. I pay a little attention to his other nipple this time biting harder as I know he loves pain during sex. Then I make my way down his stomach licking across the ‘son of god’ I giggle to myself.

“what are you giggling for bitch” he scoffs

“Not very religious now are you bible boy” I tease

He grabs me by my hair pulling me up, he pulls it so hard tears start to form at my eyes.

“Its about time Daddy showed you a little respect” He slaps me down and drags me over to the couch and places me on his lap.

I can feel his hard dick against me. He shoves my Calvin Klein’s over my ass. I cant help be moan in excitement.

“Suck a fucking little whore” he says whilst running his large hands over my ass and I know whats coming he smacks down, hard making my ass tingle. He smacks down again even harder.

“You gonna be a good boy?”

“Yes Daddy, I;m sorry.”

“Good now do what I’m paying you to do” He pushes me off him and places his arms behind his head, displaying his masculine hairy armpits.

I can’t help myself I dive straight in and start running my tongue over his right pit. He tastes of pure man, feeling those soft hairs against my tongue make my hard dick leak pre cum all over my Calvins.

“Fuck yeah bitch, lick me clean”

I start to kiss and lick down his beautifully sculpted body, kissing each abdominal muscle and then I get to his hairy stomach. He hasn’t shaved in while thank god. I start licking down the hairs leading to his pubes, I pull his underwear down having a good feel of his big ass in the process and then I see it, his rock hard thick dick with a thick patch of hair at the base.

I start licking his big hairy balls taking one in my mouth and he lets out a sexy moan.

“fuck yeah bitch, suck on my balls” He grabs me by my head and starts pulling my hair.

I take one of his balls in my mouth and suck gently until it pops out. I lick all the way up his dick feeling the veins against my tongue until I reach the head. I grab his dick and place it in my mouth sucking gently on the head. He moans leaking pre cum all over my tongue. He tastes so sweet, I moan at the taste. Then I start bobbing up and down. Justin grabs me by the head and starts thrusting into my mouth.

“Thats right bitch, take Daddies dick” He says, making me choke on his thick rod.

He pulls it out of my mouth and slaps it against me cheek making me quiver.

“Play with daddies nipples while you suck me off”

I do as I’m told I begin tugging on his nipples and take him back in my mouth swirling my tongue against the head of his dick tasting more pre-cum. I know He’s close, I can feel his head swelling.

“Fuck bitch I’m close, I’m close” He moans

I tug on his nipples and start sucking him harder using one hard to tug his dick up and down.

“You want this cum bitch?”

“Please daddy I want it so much”

“Where you want it?”

“All over my face daddy, please” and i start sucking again, moving up n down even faster.

“Fuck yeah you’ve been a good boy, you deserve a treat.” Then he pulls me off his dick and starts wanking himself off holding my face near the tip.

“Daddy’s close, he close, fuck I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum”

And thats when it starts. Ropes and ropes of thick white glossy cum starts to decorate my face. Justin sounds so hot and loud when he cums, its almost like he wants the entire world to know he’s cumming.

He starts breathing heavily, hes finished cumming.

“god you’re good” he whimpers.

I giggle to myself and start feeling his gorgeous body.

“You look so good covered in my cum” Then he reaches for his phone. “smile for daddy babe”

He takes a picture of me with my face covered in his cum, I’ve never felt so hot before in my entire life. The he gathers some of the cum off my face and guides his cum covered fingers to my mouth feeding me his hot warm delicious cum.

“How does daddy taste?” Justin asks

“sweet as usual, wanna taste?” I use my fingers to grab the last bit of cum on my face and guide my fingers to his mouth. He smiles and starts sucking on my fingers. Then he pulls me up and kisses me, feeding me his cum both of us swirling it around each others mouths.

“That was great baby, you always know how to loosen me up before a show”

“well how about after the show you can loosen me up? I ask cheekily

“sure babe, I’ll give that ass a good seeing too” He kisses me softly. “Now why don’t you head back to the hotel and I’ll see you after the show?”

“Sure, babe”

I leaving the room with a huge smile on my face, You should never become emotionally involved with clients but theres just something about Justin Bieber that always makes me fall.

I’m Head Chef || c.h

warning: smut af and long af

summary: calum wants dessert and the sweetest thing he had was you. 

I M A G I N E 

“And that’s how you prepare a good piece of toast with Vegemite,” Calum said proudly as he smears some Vegemite on the toast with a butter knife. 

You were joined with Calum behind the counter as he was cooking meals. There was a camera set up a bit far from you two, recording an entire live stream. For some reason, Calum always wanted to have his own brief cooking show. You had no idea why, but the management thought it was a great idea for publicity reasons, too. So, here you were, watching your boyfriend prepare the most basic meals for hormonal fans all over the world. 

“That’s all for today you guys!” Calum said, waving at the camera as he bit off a piece of his toast. “Catch us next time on Calum Cooks– whenever we decide to even do this again. Honestly tweet me and tell me if you guys like it and I’ll probably do it again. Love you guys!” Calum quickly rushed to the camera and turned it off, having the red light disappear. 

“Welp, that’s a wrap then,” you said, clapping your hands together as you removed your clean apron. As you did, you watch Calum hold the camera while looking distantly at it. He seemed lost in thought, having concern strike you as you watched your boyfriend. “Is everything okay, baby?” 

You watched closely as Calum’s plump lips quickly curve into a smirk. He turns the camera stand to the right, having the camera face the hallway. You mentally note down the fact that it is no longer facing you as Calum turns over at you and smiles. 

“Just in case,” he mumbles before joining you behind the counter once more. He quickly grabs your waist and leans you against the counter to kiss you hungrily. You kissed him back after a moment of shock. Kissing him, you felt the crumbs of the toast against your lips. You even had the taste of Vegemite now in your mouth as Calum put his tongue in your mouth. 

“Babe-!” You suddenly break away from his lips, having your hands pressed against his chest to push him away. The both of you were now breathing hard, as Calum refused to stop for air for a good 5 minutes. “Wh-what’s going on? Why’d you turn the camera?” 

“I wanted to prepare one more meal, princess,” Calum whispered, looking into your eyes with his almond ones. They were now full of lust as they stared at your flushed face. “But this meal must be prepared and eaten privately.” 

Calum held your waist with a stronger grip before quickly, but carefully, placing your back upon the granite counter. You tried sitting up slightly, but Calum quickly held you down softly at your shoulders. 

“Babe?” You asked with wander, watching Calum walk over to the refrigerator and open it up slowly. Ignoring you completely, Calum was grabbing items from the cold storage with ease. You tried to see, but his large torso completely blocked your sight. He then closed the refrigerator before turning around and placing the items down next to you on the counter. 

There was a bottle of whipped cream, a bottle of chocolate syrup, and a box of cherries. 

“I just want dessert, baby,” Calum seductively whispered in your ear, having your body crawl with goosebumps. He went to the side of the counter where your head was resting. He reached over to the hem of your shirt and began to pull it towards him. You straighten your arms, allowing him to remove your shirt with ease. Being left with just your bra, you blush a bit and cover them as best you can with your hands. 

“Baby, I’m head chef,” Calum said, giving your ear a little nibble before going to the other side of the counter. He itched his hands under your back and unclasped your bra. You allowed him to pull down the straps and then lift it from your body. “Whatever I say, goes.” 

“But..” you trailed off, watching with wide eyes as Calum grabs the whipped creams and begins to shake it vigorously. You bite your bottom lip anxiously, watching him remove the cap with just his thumb. “Calum, what are you–”

With a swift motion, Calum begins to shoot the whipped scream on your right breast. You squealed from the coldness of the whipped cream as Calum sprayed it around your mound in a swirl. Your hands grasped the sides of the granite that wasn’t on the wooden pedestal it was mounted on. He then did the other breast, having your back arch from the coolness. Your felt your nipples get erect, perking up from the cold interaction. 

“Mm, baby,” Calum moaned, putting the whipped cream down to pick up the chocolate syrup. “I love the sounds you make.” 

We put the world away…” you began to sing, having Calum smile before putting a bit of syrup in his mouth. He put it down gently before leaning above you and smashing his lips on his. He slid his tongue in your mouth, having the sweet chocolate dance in your mouth as you deepened the kiss. He then detached, looking at your chest as it heaved from shortage of breath. 

“So perfect,” Calum murmured as he began to swirl the syrup around your whipped creamed breasts. He carelessly began to squeeze the syrup on your stomach, making a wavy pattern down to your lower abdomen. Placing the syrup down, he went for the box of cherries before realizing that you still had your shorts on. “Fucks sake.” Calum quickly went to your feet and reached to unbutton your shorts. You watch as he pulls them off with aggression, with your panties following them. 

“Calum!” You moaned from his sudden strength, feeling your bare ass against the cold, granite counter. Calum smirked, going back to the box of cherries. He took out two and inspected them, ensuring they were perfect. He then placed them right in the middle of your swirls, feeling them sink down to hit your erect nipples. 

“Time to eat,” Calum said hungrily. He places his forearms under you, having one under your back and the other under the backs of your knees. He picked you up with all his strength and guided you to the bedroom. Placing you on the bed, Calum began stripping in front of you. 

You watched as he first removed his shirt. His toned torso was marvelous, having you drool a bit as your eyes wandered down his abs and ended at his defined V-line. He glanced at you, grinning a bit before his hands began unbuckling his belt. Pulling down his tight jeans, you watch as he revealed his hard member behind his Calvin Klein underwear. 

“Not gonna take that off, love?” You asked, raising your eyebrow at him as he chuckled. 

“Not yet, beautiful,” Calum assured as he got on the bed and was on all four above you. He dipped down and gave you a tender kiss on the lips. He left them quickly, feeling them sore a bit as he began to trail kisses down your neck. Your hands grabbed the bed sheets, carelessly removing some of it off the mattress. You felt Calum’s lips nibbling on your collarbone before his tongue began to trail down to your left breast. 

“F-fuck, Calum…” you moaned, feeling his tongue begin to eat a bit of whipped cream from your breast. He rose a bit from it, biting his bottom lip before taking a huge lick of it. Goosebumps rose all over your body once more, giving you a wave of pleasure as Calum began to neatly clean your breast. He’d nibble at your mound, secluding your nipple that held the very cherry he was ever so tempted to eat. 

“You’re so sweet, baby,” Calum mumbled, taking the cherry in his mouth. You watch as he held the cherry teasingly between his white pearls. He bites down on it, its juices dripped down his chin and onto your body. Spitting out the stem, he goes back down and begins to suck on your nipple. You moaned loudly, feeling as he cleaned the last bit of whipped cream from your pink bud. Pleasure jolted all over your body, feeling heat rise up in your flower. 

“Please do the o-other one, Calum,” you pleaded, having Calum oblige happily before going to work on your other breast. Within minutes, both of your breasts were cleaned in sight but superbly sticky. You watch him eat the other cherry before he goes down and begins to lick off the trail of chocolate syrup he made. His tongue slide down your stomach, having you arch your back again as he stopped right before your flower. 

“The sweetest part,” Calum commented, licking his lips before he went down on your flower. His tongue wandered inside, feeling his lips against your hot ones. He nibbled your clit a bit, softly rubbing it between his teeth before sucking on it. 

“Calum!” You screamed, feeling yourself lose control as he blew inside you softly. He used his tongue again, attempting to reach your G spot as you writhed in pleasure. “Ah– f-fuck, C-Cal, I’m gonna–” you chocked on your spit, the pleasure becoming overwhelming as you quickly released into Calum’s mouth. 

“Mm,” Calum hummed against your pussy, having you moan as he began to eat you out. Eating every last bit of your liquids, Calum chuckled and sat up. Offering you his hands, you grab them and sit up with him. He grabs your chin between his index finger and thumb before giving you a quick, tender kiss on your lips. “Let’s clean you up, princess.” 

With that, Calum carries you off the bed and guides you into the master bathroom to finish off his meal.

anonymous asked:

Hey can i request a ambw smut with a girl called yasmin and jungkook where he fucks her in a studio and records her moans ty


“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.” You sighed softly as your cheeky boyfriend walked into the studio behind you.

“I don’t feel bad about this. It’s your and the guys fault for betting me about graduation! I told you that I would pass my classes with flying colors.” He said sticking his nose up in the air as he went to see in the chair. Growling you paced back and forth chewing on your bottom lip. You couldn’t believe this. Because of a dumb bet now Jungkook had full rights of your moans in this one fuck session. To use anyway that he pleased and you were bitter about it fuck yes, because it was embarrassing and you knew he took pride in your moans but it didn’t mean anyone else had to hear them. You were never one to go back on bets not with him, there had been so many bets between the both of you so why not honor this one? It made you feel flustered, your outfit seemed a bit too tight on your body now. His dark eyes just glued to you.

“Yasmin.” Jungkook called out deeply. Halting in your tracks your eyes roamed to your boyfriend. He was sitting there with his white sweater bunched up around his elbows. His brown highlighted hair falling in his eyes a bit. He looked so good, his eyes radiated heat and want. Never leaving your he lifted his fingers beckoning you to him and you got the hint. Walking towards him, you let him grip your hips and pull you into his lap as you straddled him biting on your bottom lip. Jungkook brought one hand up to wrap around the back of your neck bringing your lips down to his lightly. He kissed you, staring out gentle to work you into the mood. His body flush against yours, your arms crawling up his biceps slowly and around his neck. Jungkook let his hands roam down to grip at your plump ass cheeks through your jeans. He squeezed the flesh moaning against your mouth. You ended up grinding down against him, moaning as you dry humped him letting your hips rock against one another.

Jungkook slipped his tongue into your mouth, circling his tongue muscle around yours sucking on the pink muscle he concentrated on your body. Your hands gripped at his hair pulling him closer to you, your hips rutted down against him the friction of the roughness of both of your jeans causing your pussy to dampen against your panties, your breast hardening against the fabric of your bra. Jungkook invaded your mouth his tongue flicking against the bumps and ridges in the roof of your mouth, his hands slipping inside of your pants and panties to grip on your bare ass cheeks pushing you harder against him. He let his tongue wrestle with yours until you were breathless pulling back to look at him and breathe. Your hands rested on his hair as he kissed towards your jaw and down your neck sucking a little patch of your brown skin turning it red. He moved his hands to strip you off your top first, kissing on your lips he unsnapped your bra without much effort grabbing at your breast. He held them, squeezing them gently and pushing them together his tongue darted out to lick over your nipples slowly, his dark eyes looking up at you. He groaned watching your head roll back and your own moans fall from your lips. He sucked on your nipples one at a time until he was sure they were hard enough and bruised enough from everything he was doing. Your hands were starting to get clammy grabbing at him more though you were needy, and you wanted to feel everything he did to you.

You sat still as he pushed you up against the mixer board fondling with some switches, your back arched slightly and your legs spread for him. Jungkook smirked pulling back he took off his sweater tossing it down on the floor behind him, revealing his toned abs and tanned skin. He moved towards you hooking his hands onto your button, his dark eyes keeping contact with yours, he licked his lips taking his time with undoing your pants. Teasing you because he knew you’d let out a needy yell of his name. Your hips lifted eagerly when the fabric was being removed, the cool air brushing against your panties causing your legs to slip closed only for a little bit before you opened them back up as he took the fabric away from your ankles leaving you in nothing but your panties. You watched as Jungkook leaned down and flicked his tongue along the outskirts of your panties, his tongue playing with the skin on the inside of your thighs. He kissed and sucked marks onto your skin, dragging out more pleas and wanton moans before he was gripping at the hems of your panties. Not one for keeping fabric intact (and loving to prove how strong he was) Jungkook ripped the fabric from your legs causing you to slap the back of his head gently and whine. He smirked kissing your pussy. “Do you want daddy to make it better baby? Let me fuck the pain away.” He moaned against your heat attaching his lips against your pussy hungrily sucking. His tongue went to work digging in and out of your pussy making sure his tongue traced your walls.

“I have a feeling once you get done with me the pain stays.” You spoke out breathlessly grabbing at his hair pushing him harder against your pussy. He was eagerly eating you out, hands pressing your thighs down against the mixer board, the little buttons and knobs digging into your skin to make more imprints but at the moment you could fucking careless. Breath harsh and eyelids hooded you let out every noise he made you feel bucking up your hips as much as you could against his face. Your edge was nearing, soon you would paint his tongue with your essence but instead of letting you, Jungkook pulled back mouth glistening with your juices his eyes showed that he wanted more.

He stepped back to undo his pants as well, your eyes never leaving his body as he pushed the fabric down to his ankles and stepped out of them. Dick hard and standing solid with the precum ever so slightly oozing from the tip. He hooked his arms under your spread thighs leaning down to bit another mark on the inside of your brown thighs, he turned the skin read smirking he planted a kiss there growling out a light ‘mine’ against your skin and you knew it was because of how many looks you both received today from other men while you were out.

“All yours.” You moaned aloud as he ground his hard shaft up and down the slit of your wet pussy, coating himself he watched you leaning down to press his forehead against yours.

“Yeah?” He asked rubbing his tip against your clit. “Is this my pussy baby girl?” He asked causing your breath to hitch and you to nod furiously.

“No no, you know better. Tell me baby. Tell me that this pussy belongs to Jungkook. I want to hear you scream it. I want to know how much of a slut you are for me and my dick.” He called out his eyes baring into yours. Even if you felt embarrassed sometimes about saying this stuff you knew as well as he did you were not going anywhere without saying it.

“It’s all yours Jungkook! This tight little pussy is yours to fuck whenever and wherever you want! My body, fuck all of me needs all of you daddy. Please stop teasing and fuck me, my pussy is very wet and very needy and I can’t—shit!” Your head rolled back as his hips surged forward burying himself deep inside of you. “Why..” You muttered out breathlessly hands clinging to his biceps as he stretched you out and you tried to adjust and take all of him hating when he cut off your motivational speech.

“I’m sorry, I got too needy hearing you say such things.” Jungkook admitted kissing up your body through the valley of your breast until he was kissing your lips once again pulling himself from you.

Jungkook slipped back inside of you moving slow at first to let you adjust but the pace never stayed the same. His hands gripping at your hips Jungkook steadied you both pounding into you at a deep tempo. His hips slapping against yours, his balls against your ass he bit on your jaw to keep himself from moaning only wanting to hear you. How you pleaded for him to go faster, your nails digging into his arm, your head parched back against the rest of the board. You were beautiful under him, a brown goddess that he wanted to adore and enjoy by himself and no one else. He let his hips pick up a little more, slamming into your heat Jungkook didn’t want to hurt you too much so he lifted you in the air holding you as he bounced you on his dick standing up. Your head rolled forward to brace your forehead against his, your breast flopping and body moving to his will. You squeeze around his cock, moaning out more trying to hold out from cumming too soon. You knew he liked to hang onto the feeling of the buildup, your hands cupping his cheeks so that you could continue to kiss him now that he was slamming you down onto him. You were doing so good, moaning and screaming his name, your stomach tightening up causing your body to shake and you urged him on more.

“Make me cum daddy. Fuck Jungkook make this pussy cum. You’re so fucking good daddy.” You encouraged him.

“Yasmin..” Jungkook moaned out in a deep voice with his lips pressed against yours. The way he added a little growl towards the end of your name was all it took for your walls to clamp down and you to be cumming on his dick. Your back arched and you let out the highest pitch you could think of as your orgasm swept through you. Jungkook felt his legs buckle but he kept hoisting you up into the air fucking you with everything he had until his hips were moving erratically and he was spilling his own cum inside of your fucked pussy. He let his pace die down slowly, only to stop after riding out both of your highs moving towards the chair. He sat down shutting off the sound system holding you in his arms as you both kissed. His cum dripping down your parted thighs, his hands went to massage your ass cheeks and he pulled away to smile sheepishly at you, the dominating male nowhere in sight.

“Thank you for doing this for me, baby.” He said softly playing through your hair.

“It’s no problem. It was kind of hot I must admit. But you do owe me half of whatever you make.” You teased pinching his nipple causing him to wince and smile up at you.

“Well you already have all of me, so granted that’s a given.”

Kim JunMyeon’s“CONFIER”

Content: ±3500 Graphic Smut, language warning, lost of virginity

Pairing: Suho x reader || One-shot

Not a series but the first part can be read here

“I-I…” your words were cut off with by your whimpers. You grunted again, pulling his hair. You were failing to speak as you keep whimpering everytime Junmyeon thrusts into you.

“Tell me, Jagi.”

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Got to Get You Into My Life → Part I

Description: Part I of GtGYIML; you go out for some fun and meet someone new.

Pairing: Reader (Y/N) x Harry

Word Count: 1,580

You weren’t looking for love, that much was clear. The only reason you went out was because you were looking for a good fuck. All of your friends knew that you weren’t big into the love scene. It was too mushy and sappy. Being a child of several divorces didn’t help too much, either. But, you had to do something about your sexual drive. Not having a partner made you resort to clubs and parties.

So when Matty and Ava invited you to a club, you were quick to accept. They were still in the stage of being lovey-dovey, having only been dating for about seven months now. So, you were sure you would be ditching them the instant you made your way through the doors of the club.

Within hours, you were smashed and shaking your hips on the dance floor. You lived for the party. No one in the room could make you stop your movements.

Until he started dancing near you. His face was not familiar, but he was cute. The few curls that he had bounced as he jumped to the music. You made eye contact and laughed at him. He also had too many drinks. There was a slight stain on his chest.

You made your way over to him to get closer, slinging an arm over his shoulder as you both rolled your hips and jumped around. Most of the time, it was out of sync, but neither of you cared.

Within a few minutes, both of you were covered in sweat. To be honest, it was fairly disgusting. The guy was getting uncomfortable with everyone around and the sweat dripping down his back and asked you to join him outside. You nodded and linked hands with him. His hand was calloused but still soft.

When you stepped outside, you finally had a chance to look him over closer. He was wearing a simple button up shirt and black jeans. His green eyes were bright, despite the only source of light being the neon lights from the club and a street lamp. His lips looked soft and pink. As you scanned over his face, you realized he was looking you over as well.

“Want to go back to my place?” he asked with a smirk.

You admired how blunt he was. There were several instances where you had to plainly tell someone what you wanted to do.

“Sure,” you responded. You would let Ava and Matty know that you left later. Knowing them, they probably already left, wanting to spend more time together than out in a sweaty club. Luckily, there was a bit of a crisp wind, so the sweat on your body would soon disappear.

He lead you to his place, telling you about himself on the way. His name was Harry, and he was originally from England. He gave a little information about his family and where he was from. You also gave your name and told a bit about your life. It was nice knowing a bit about him before you two were about to fuck, but you were also glad that you didn’t know him that well.

Upon arriving at Harry’s place, you were excited. He fumbled with his keys a bit before opening the door and letting you in. You were impressed. He clearly had money, but that thought left your mind when he closed the door behind him and lead you to the bedroom.

The minute you entered his room, you were kissing him. His lips were soft. His hand gripped your neck and you wrapped yourself around him. He laid you back on the bed and started unbuttoning his pants. You sat up and helped unbutton his shirt. He slid his pants and underwear down his thighs, his cock springing up.

In seconds, you grabbed him with your hands and wrapped your lips around him, hollowing your cheeks. He moaned and cleared the hair from your face. You slowly went up and down, making sure what you couldn’t get in your mouth was covered by your hands.

Within about two minutes, he was sighing your name and holding onto your head with his right hand. His head was back, showing off his amazing jawline and neck. He didn’t want to come yet, though. You leaned back once again and pulled off your pants as Harry undressed himself as well. He yanked off your shirt, his mouth immediately connecting to your breast.

You arched your back and groaned. His tongue swirled around your nipple a few times before he sucked a bit more. He would move from one breast to the other, pleasuring you all the while. Eventually, he brought his head up, and his lips attached to yours. One hand played with his hair while the other lightly scratched down his back.

He positioned his arm just right where he could reach down further. You felt his middle finger start to play with your clit. Once in a while his fingers dipped down into your folds, making you moan in great pleasure.

“You’re so wet for me, love,” Harry smirked.

“Fuck,” you breathed as Harry slowly pushed in a single finger. He pumped a few times, testing you and making sure you were alright with his actions.

It was amazing. He knew was he was doing, that was for sure. His fingers were inside you while his thumb rubbed your clit at the same pace that he pumped his fingers. He would twirl his wrist at certain angles that affected what his fingers were doing, causing you to call out his name.

His pulled his fingers out of you, bringing them up and placing them in his mouth, sucking on them.

“You taste amazing, pet. I’d love to have more of you,” he says as he dips his head below your waist.

You barely had the chance to look down before you felt his tongue on your clit. He sucked hard, causing you to lose your breath. His tongue would sink lower and explore everything.

“Oh, Harry,” you gasped as he entered a finger into you. The mixture of his tongue and finger made you grasp his head with your hands. Your fingers were tightly wrapped in his hair, lightly pulling. He reached up with his free hand and palmed your breast, giving it a slight squeeze. It wasn’t long at all before you felt your high coming. You gave Harry a warning only a few seconds before you gasped loudly. Your back arched and Harry removed his hand from your boob to keep your thigh from squeezing his head.

“Fuck!” you exclaimed, finally letting go of your breath that you had been holding. You panted loudly, watching lazily as Harry wiped his mouth and licked his finger clean. You scooted back on the bed, making more room for Harry.

“Wait,” you quickly said. You searched for your purse on the floor. After you eyes found it, you stood and walked over to it, rummaging through it. Once you found what you were looking for, you strolled back to Harry’s bed, handing him the small package.

“Good thinkin’,” he smiled at you. He quickly opened the condom wrapping and wrapped himself up, allowing you time to position yourself on the bed again.

Harry placed himself at your entrance, giving you one last look to make sure you were alright. You nodded, spreading your legs a bit more. He teased you a bit more, running his cock up and down against your wetness. You groaned, thankful for the moment when he finally pushed himself inside.

You moaned Harry’s name a few times. He had a bit more girth than most guys, but you were completely fine with that. Harry panted as he thrust himself into you. He admired the way your boobs bounced in rhythm with his thrusts. He placed his mouth over your nipple, sucking on it as you scratched your nails down his back.

It wasn’t long at all until you felt your second orgasm of the night. You came without even warning Harry because it seemed like it was so sudden. Your hips bucked up, grinding against Harry’s. You gripped his arm, breathless. He lifted his head and kissed you a couple of times, his lips still smooth as ever. You were just coming down from your high when Harry’s thrusts were becoming sloppier. He sped up his pace before he moaned loudly, calling your name a few times.

He pulled himself out and lay beside you. You were just starting to return to normal breathing while Harry was still panting. A few minutes passed before you glanced over at Harry, smiling.

“That was amazing,” you complimented.

“Yeah, you were great,” he responded, sitting up. He claimed he was going to clean himself up, which you agreed you were going to do.

You walked into the bathroom, bringing along your underwear. You quickly used the bathroom and wiped, pulling on your underwear and flushing the toilet.

“You have a specific side you sleep on?” you asked, walking over to the bed.

“I prefer left, but take whichever side you’re comfortable with. Also, do you need a shirt?”

You thought about it, but eventually nodded. “That would be great, thanks.”

After receiving an over-sized shirt from Harry, you pulled the covers over yourself. He was quick to join you, resting a hand on your waist. You both eventually fell asleep facing each other.

After Ever after (Part 2)

Robert Small X MC Daddy
Part 1 | Part 2 
Warning: This part contains so much smut, I hope you’re all ready for this bad boy (dad).

To finally end our cleaning frenzy, we headed towards Robert’s room. He leads the way and opens the door “After you” he says with a suave voice; really hot I must say. “The final boss huh?” I said as I looked around the room with clothes (underwear), booze, leftovers, and clutter all over the floor. “Honestly, I don’t know how you lived in this mess.” I said as I started to pick up empty whiskey bottles and beer cans. “I don’t know either, but what I’m sure about is that I’m tired living like this” He sounded so dead serious and I’m sure he is.Slowly the guilt came in, I should not have made that comment. I decided to say nothing more and just continue cleaning. I’m sure Robert appreciated the gesture.

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