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I love Cait but that outfit?? Nope nope nope. At first I thought the black buttons were sad, downward-pointing nipple pasties. Usually I give mad snaps for her choices, but this is awful. I never imagined she would even come close to ending up on a worst-dressed list, but now? Yikes. Sometimes what seems to be fun and flirty and cheerful just... isn't. She's so gorgeous though, totally stunning in spite of the outfit.

Honestly, quite a few of her fashion choices aren’t my favorite. But I’m also sitting here in leopard print pajamas from Target covered in donut crumbs and she spent years surrounded by haute couture, so what the hell do I know? From the neck up she is, as always, undeniably and criminally flawless.

Love Bomb Day 4: JOY! Today we are looking at the beautiful designs of Karolina Laskowska, featuring some vintage kimono fabrics. We teamed her Ume waspie and knickers with our Open Cup Lily bra and Matilde nipple pasties. You can also grab the stockings here.

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Photo: Anna Swiczeniuk Model/MUA: Miss Deadly Red