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🌟 New to pacifiers? Dismayed it’s not like you hoped it would be? About to give up? I’m here to give you advice!

My first experience with a pacifier wasn’t great. It didn’t feel right and I felt awkward with it. Here are a few tips from my journey with pacifiers. I hope it helps other regressors that feel weird using one.

1. Mouth size matters. Some people, like myself, have shallow mouths in which adult pacifiers do not sit comfortably. My tongue bar also effects how it sits, so if you have mouth tongue jewelry it may not sit right.

2. There are different types of nipples. If you only wish to use a pacifier for brief soothing, like me, baby pacifiers are perfectly safe. 6-18+ months. I prefer NUK brand, but don’t be afraid to try a few different ones. Do not use 0-6 months, as the mouth guard and nipple are far too small.

3. If you plan to use a pacifier long term (due to mouth stimming or you find that you regress frequently), do NOT use infant brands. You can push your teeth out of place over long usage. But, just like infant brands, different nipples are available. They tend to be more expensive, so I’m sure it’s not easy to just “buy and try”. Find a shop you trust and message the owner. They can give you tips.

4. Buy baby safe disinfectant pills to soak your pacifier in. Don’t wipe them with home cleaner. Keep it safe for your body.

5. You will drool at times. Expect it. With drooling, be aware of possible issues. I develop mouth sores with excessive usage that I have topical ointment for. Keep your pacis disinfected and brush your teeth before using them to lessen sores or crusties.

6. Laying down to sleep, at first, is a nightmare. The pacifier feels heavy, your jaw hurts if you bit it to keep it in and you will wake up to it lost. Don’t fear! Sucking is a basic instinct and after a few days with your pacifier, you’ll find you naturally suck it to keep it in, like a baby. I hated falling asleep with it at first, now it’s a great destressor. If it falls frequently, try a clip. And disinfect if it falls on the floor.

Hope this helps! Feel free to message me questions! 🌟

🌟 No porn/NSFW/18+ interaction please. Nonsexual age regressors/littles ONLY🌟

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Did shirayuki have pierced ears before lyrics? If not, *inserts wild noncanon fantasized * do you think it could be one of the top obi moments like him holding her hand when she's getting them pierced or like him having a matching one somewhere? XD

She’s had them since at least the coronation (just after the first Lyrias arc) – I checked Tanbarun arc but couldn’t see any, though I know some people’s manga fu is much better than mine and might be able to find them earlier. So she didn’t get them pierced at Lyrias. Though I mean, that would be hilarious, him piercing one of his ears like Zen and then putting Yuzuri’s fanciest earrings on. HOW DO I LOOK, MISS *flutters eyelashes*

Women’s Special Prison.

Maria-Elena talked back to a Guard.  Punishment:   three days of the nine-inch penis-gag strapped into her mouth all day, plus heavily weighted clamps snapped onto her nipples.  A Guard comes along every three hours or so and whips her tits.

The Women’s Special Prison is not a summer camp!

The Art of Burlesque (and How it Doesn't Invalidate My Asexuality)

Yellow here, with my first real post on the blog. Interesting title, yeah? I should explain.

For a little over a year now, I have been attending a school of performance, with a heavy focus on burlesque and other types of dance that are easily sexual and sexualised. However, my participation and performance in this absolutely does not invalidate the fact that I am asexual. I actually met the headmistress of the school while on a topless photoshoot where we were both covered in body paint (I was lime green and she was hot pink, while the third model was teal-sapphire), but that’s another story (one which also doesn’t invalidate my asexuality).

The biggest maxim of the school is to love your body, and to know that you are in complete control of what you want to do with it. Female, male, nonbinary, thin, fat, scarred, or otherwise “imperfect”…no matter what kind of body you have, you are encouraged to love it.

Even though you’re taking off your clothes in front of an audience of 150 or more people, at no point must you finish your routine or even strip all the way to your underwear and pasties (nipple guards that are pasted onto your breasts to remain covered). Even if you had originally intended to do so, it is perfectly fine to stop. Not that I’ve seen anyone stop, but I have seen performers decide not to strip all the way, and improvise a new ending.

This is also important to note that the control is what makes my asexuality valid. I know I appear “sexy” but I’m not doing it for the audience to find me sexy, I’m doing it as a form of exercise, skill learning, and most importantly a form of control. You can see me, but you can’t have me. You are there to appreciate the work I have put into my routines, and yes there are people who will sexualise it, people who will see me as an object, but they absolutely cannot do anything without my permission.

I take off the clothes, not them. Photography and recording is strictly prohibited.
I walk off stage, they cannot follow.
I am not paid to perform, they cannot buy me, they cannot coerce me to do more. (Even if they did pay me, they can’t pay me to do more than what I want to do. This isn’t about money. Even girls who are paid don’t have to do what they don’t want to.)

In effect, I am in complete control and I know exactly what I’m doing. And it doesn’t change the fact that although the actions are “sexy”, I am “asexy.” None of what I do on stage and off stage is any indication that I am not asexual. I will always be asexual and I will always be sex repulsed.

- Yellow