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Jelly- Hot Shot

Untitled 2014- G Dragon

Sniper- Shinhwa

This Love- Shinhwa



Exodus- Exo

Touch It- Exo


Mannequin- Shinhwa

Error- Vixx


Married to the Music- Shinee

Your Wedding- Shinhwa


Mirotic- TVXQ

I Love It- G Dragon ft. Zion T & Boyz Noize

Never Give Up- Shinhwa

Eat- Zion T

Rude Love- f(x)

Artificial Love- Exo

Lucky One- Exo


Whisper- Vixx LR

Angel - Shinhwa (and Exo lol)

Taxi- M ft Eric

Electric Shock- f(x)

Rhythm After Summer- Exo CBX

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ju-niper  asked:

TOP 5 TANAKA FACIAL EXPRESSIONS (also your blog gives me life and I love it very very very much!!!)

Aaaaaaahhhh YES

1. The Buddha face

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2. The “You were talking shit and didn’t think that I would hear it?” face

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3. The intimidating face (in all its shapes and forms)

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4. The “how dare you disrespect Daichi” face (honestly same)

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5. The hot senpai face

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- bonus: SHITTY BOYS 

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- bonus #2: it’s impossible not to mention our beloved Shiota Kouhei, who’s just as expressive as his character Tanaka. I LOVE HIM. 

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