ninties movie

thesushimonster  asked:

ripsara + in the 1990s

- i’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: sara and kendra stole the jump ship to go to a spice girls concert. rip showed up looking grumpy and was promptly told to ‘spice up your life, english’ ‘no

- rip looses his shit over dial-up wifi because how did people live like this??? while sara’s like ‘oh hey they have Doom on this pc! fucking watch this’. it ends up with a team-wide doom tournament and the beginning of the Waverider Classic Games Night.

- I’m not saying Xena was based on sara lance, but rip will call her ‘warrior princess’ to rile her up now and she pretends not to love it but really does

- “okay me and the Boys II Men here will go check it out”

- “joey and johnny can go look for the time pirates while I seduce bill clinton” “you’re not seducing bill clinton for information” “like it would be hard!”

- “keep up timberlake” “oh for fucks sake”

- “me and the Funky Bunch are off to infiltrate the whitehouse, you and Marky Mark tackle the washington monument” *leaves rip with nate* *nate is pleased with the reference*

- aka, sara has an obscene amount of knowledge of 90s boybands and uses it against rip. when he complains, she just smirks and goes “tell it to your new haircut”

- sara’s hair keeps falling in her face so rip ironically buys her a packet of those tiny glittery butterfly clips but jokes on you, sucker, she loves them. she makes him put them in and watches him blush from standing so close.

- “pleasepleaseplease can we go to one ninties classic at the movies?” *rip pinches the bridge of his nose* “fine. I suppose you want titanic? the lion king? pulp fiction?” “nopeeeee,” sara grins, “clueless

- they do the macarena. of course.