ninties movie

So my friend is helping one of her friends clear out her classroom today. (Their boss told her friend she had a job and had given her class schedules for the next year only last week, then yesterday tells her he’s not renewing her contract and oh how is this a surprise this had been a plan for a month…I hate him)

Anyway, to cheer her up we’ve been texting insults and names to call their former boss. If you have any good ones, please let me know. So far what I’ve sent is this.

  • Over-stuffed bag of dicks
  • Soggy roll of toilet paper
  • Undercooked omelette spiced with cigarette ash
  • Tuna flavored jello mold
  • Expired jar of mayonnaise
  • Fucktrumpet
  • Shit weasel
  • Festering sore
  • Human incarnation of an ingrown toenail
  • His nose is so far in the air and his head is so far up his ass he no longer conforms to euclidean geometry
  • Useless bowl of plastic fruit
  • Caricature of a ninties made for tv movie villain
  • Human shaped tantrum
  • Drool side of an old pillow
  • Menstrual cramps made manifest
  • Shriveled old popcorn kernel
  • Crusty cum sock

I am running out of ideas. Please help.