ninth plate

Daguerreotype portrait of an unidentified man reading a newspaper, c. 1850.


Bad Jokes

Notes: Based on these two posts from the awesome seirui.  To quote Sei: “A marine, a revolutionist, and a pirate walk into a bar…”

“Oh fucking hell, not again,” Dragon said immediately after the door to the only bar on the island silently swung shut behind him.  As soon as he made sure that he had, in fact, correctly identified the two other people in the room besides the burly bartender, he turned on his heel and tried to leave -

“Bwahahahahaha!  Dragon, my boy, get over here!”

- only to freeze in his tracks, a heavy hand falling onto his cloaked shoulder.

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Double Portrait Of A Woman
Date ca. 1850
Artist: Unknown
Ninth plate daguerreotype | Hair | Pencil | Paper

These are two ninth plate daguerreotypes mounted in an early three-quarter plate case, with hair locks and pencil on paper inscription: Have a care of this vain deceitful World & the lusts of the flesh; be sure You choose God for your portion, hea - ven for your home God’s glory for Your end his word for your rule & then you need never fear but We shall meet with comfort. Baxter

Chrysler Museum