ninth doctor's jacket

My sons
  • First Doctor: grumpy grandpa child son
  • Second Doctor: beatles haircut awkward recorder son
  • Third Doctor: kicky punchy floofy-hair son
  • Fourth Doctor: toothy scarf candy son
  • Fifth Doctor: beige beige cricket dad son
  • Sixth Doctor: big rainbow carrot juice son
  • Seventh Doctor: spoony schemey umbrella son
  • Eighth Doctor: huggy kissy amnesia shoes son
  • War Doctor: time war son
  • Ninth Doctor: buzzcut leather jacket son
  • Tenth Doctor: nice hair angstcake son
  • Eleventh Doctor: awkward baby giraffe chin son
  • Twelfth Doctor: angry fluffy grey owl son

“Black Leather” - Digital Oil Painting

Rose had to borrow the Doctor’s jumper. For reasons.

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being a princess and a general at the same time is tough but this gal is tougher