ninth doctor role play

Here is the thing about the current crop of Marvel animated shows. Potentially exempting Guardians of the Galaxy…they suck.

They really, really do.

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It's Not Real! (Hallucination M!A Open)

He called, tried to keep his breath even as he ran down the street, tripping on and pushing people out of the way to get as far away as possible. It wasn’t like him to act on fear like this, but he knew that what he had seen he couldn’t handle at the moment. Cybermen had had suddenly appeared and began to mess with his controls causing the TARDIS to crash land. When he had tried to chase them out he realized that they were not Cybermen but Daleks! And as they turned their lasers at him, since he didn’t have anything but his screwdriver to protect himself, he ran. But even outside he couldn’t escape them.

No matter what he saw around however, be it a Dalek or Cybermen or something else, no one around him seemed to pay attention to anything but him. And as he kept running, his mind kept racing, trying to figure out why they were here and why no one was acting like they were in danger before he finally ran right into a poor civilian. “You!” he yelled at them, voice high pitched and panicked. He took the civilians shoulders and turned them in the direction of a Dalek. “Tell me you see that!”