Check out this video of Nate Stehly having his life size Mario Kart delivered, by Mario himself. Seriously who even gets this sort of luck? His neighbours better have a whole crate of bananas ready….


Check out the first of 7 North American adverts for Kid Icarus: Uprising. Not long to wait now..

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We’re looking for a couple of new writers to help satisfy our readership. Obviously you must have at LEAST an infatuation with Nintendo (ok we will settle for a little less if you’re good..) and must be able to write coherently with correct uses of grammar and punctuation. The position is voluntary but provides great experience, and can sometimes pay back with pretty nice perks such as free expo or event tickets. If you like the sound of this and want to join the NintendoStar team, drop us an email over at and tell us a bit about yourself. Also include a review of any Nintendo game of your choice.

Thanks guys! Look forward to hopefully hearing from some of you, we’d love to have you on board.