Zelda 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert was the best.

Eiji Aunuma, Koji Kondo and Zelda Williams did a few guest appearances, the orchestra was amazing. We even got some music from Skyward Sword and new footage. ^_^ I apologise beforehand for the blurryness of some pictures, I was not the one taking them! :)

This was being shown outside the venue. It was huge. There was also the trailer for Skyward Sword being shown on the building. 

Jay, Darrien and Myself in the queue. We were relatively close to the front. ^_^

The merchandise being sold at the concert. Very expensive, but oh so worth it!

The picture being shown on screen during the intervals and when no gameplay was being shown.

This was the opening to the concert where they played ‘Hyrule Castle Theme’ from A Link to the Past. 

Zelda Williams! 


The Orchestra during Ganondorf’s Theme

Twilight Princess Logo during the Twilight Princess Symphonic Movement

Shot being shown during the Twilight Princess Symphonic Movement, Midna’s theme was being played.

Koji Kondo sat at the piano playing us a song.

and again..

And again! ^^

Shot during the Skyward Sword theme

Shot of the Skyward Sword logo

Darrien, Myself and Ira after being blown away with the concert! :D

On the stairs leading up to the VIP area, they had hung pictures of how Link has been developed over the years.


We also got given amazing guides..

There were a lot more photos, but I chose some of the best ones. 
It was such a good night! 

You know you’ve had a good day when you come home with The Thing hands which make sounds when you punch things. For £1 you can’t really say no.. 

Apart from I have NO WHERE to put them at all.. 

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