vispaking  asked:

Any ideas for what the ARMS players would likely dress up as for Halloween? (Personally, I'd love to see Twintelle cosplay as Bayonetta, but she could slay any costume tbh 😋).

well for starters master mummy’s already good to go lol. and i’ll say min min is a spooky nurse because that one official art!

ribbon girl…..i’ve always had this headcanon that she has a goth side but doesn’t express it much because it conflicts with her idol image, so i think she’d take halloween as an opportunity to be something suuuper gothic like a really fancy vampire.

mechanica would probably take halloween as a free day to cosplay like the nerd she is. she’d probably be that one bnha girl! (like the one fanart that’s going around) i can imagine spring man joining her for matching same-series cosplays. mechanica always talks him into it and he’s happy to

lola pop….honestly as fun as she is i don’t see her dressing up as anything other than her clowny self. she wouldn’t go to any halloween party or anything because she’d prefer to stay home and hand out candy to trick or treaters! she totally hooks em up too. like three handfuls for each kid probably.

twintelle bayonetta is perfect and i’m gonna stick with that. plus the idea of twintelle loving video games on the side is 👌

ninjara’s probably too shy to dress up honestly……if he goes to any party he’ll just say “look i dressed up as a ninja.” as a deadpan joke and goes to wherever the food is

kid cobra struggles with full costumes because he’s gotta wear his mask with whatever it is. he’d probably dress up as something subtle yet recognizeable. wouldn’t shock me if he dressed up like the lucky luciano meme and called it a day

Things that are Known and Accepted in the ARMS universe but never Questioned:

  • There are ninjas and a Ninja College/University
  • One ninja decides to join an international sports competition as his Senior Project
  • People aren’t born with ARMS but instead just ‘wake up’ one day and have them
  • One boy decides to join an international sports competition after he wakes up with them and says “I was shocked at first, but they’re pretty rad.”
  • Nobody knows where ARMS originated or why people get them and any attempts at trying to figure it out are thwarted by an invisible force
  • An international corporation accidentally creates a synthetic being while trying to solve this mystery
  • The synthetic being decides to join an international sports competition
  • A long dead man wakes up as a un-dead mummy
  • The un-dead mummy decides to join an international sports competition to try and find his lost (and assumed also dead) family
  • There are security bots that have robot dog companions
  • A security bot and his robot dog companion decide to join an international sports competition as a single fighter and it’s allowed
  • An A-List actress decides to join an international sports competition using her hair as ARMS
  • Snakeboarding
  •  A Snakeboarder decides to join an international sports competition that isn’t Snakeboarding to increase the viewership of his live-streams
  •  Snakeboarding live-streams
  • A young girl genius builds a mech-suit for the purpose of joining an international sports competition like her favorite pop-star idol
  • One of the competitors in an international sports competition is a pop idol singer
  • A girl with noodle ARMS decides join an international sports competition to promote her parents’ ramen shop 

you know how we have wrestling video games? like with the real people and everything? do you think ARMS as a video game exists in the ARMS universe. ​imagine the gang seeing themselves in a video game and bein like :D