nintendo you monster


So on Monday my brother asked me to teach him how to crochet so he can make himself a case for his switch. I fully expected him to get frustrated after 10 minutes and I’d have to finish it for him (which isn’t really a problem for me) but he not only persevered but told me he really enjoyed it!

Here’s his final project. I only helped him with the first few rows and sewing on the buttons/attachments. There were a few stitches that were a little bumpy but he did an overall outstanding job in my opinion!!

  • usum good ending: lusamine stays as the monster she was in the first games and the protag or lillie/gladion defeat her and she actually gets punished for being a piece of shit
  • usum bad ending: lusamine changes for the better and her abuse towards her children is ignored and everyone forgives her
  • usum neutral ending: lusamine changes for the better but her abusive behavior is not ignored and is treated as something that can't be forgiven easily and it takes a long time for everyone to forgive her
  • usum true ending: something about mohn probably