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Taehyung takes being mean to you too far. Part.4

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Taehyung’s p.o.v

“Y/N, hey Y/N wake up.” I shook her lightly and her eyes slightly opened. I placed my hand over her forehead and brushed her bangs backwards. Her head was still burning. 

“Hmm?” She looked slightly confused and tried sitting up. “You’re still here?” 

“Yeah I got food, so would you like to come out to eat or do you want me to bring it to you?”

“Could you uh - bring it to me?” I nodded and returned shortly with her food in my hands. She was going to take it off me but I placed it on my lap after taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

“Here, let me.” I blew on the juk and fed it to her, she seemed awkward and honestly, this felt really odd to me too. But it wasn’t a bad feeling, it wasn’t a feeling I wanted to forget or a feeling I didn’t want to ever feel again. It was actually nice being this close to her, it’s just taken me a while to realise that. 

“Thanks for this, Taehyung.” She says as I gave her the last bite. 

“It’s my fault you’re sick, so the least I can is take care of you.”

“But why? When you hate me so much?”

“I wouldn’t say I hate you Y/N that’s a little dramatic. I just like teasing you a lot, but I never meant for it to go that far.” I let my head fall in embarrassment. I was petty and immature for being so rude towards her and now I felt the shame. 

“You don’t hate me? Are you sure?” She was sceptical and I understand why she would be, I mean I would be too, but it’s true I never hated her. She just had her moments where she annoyed me. Like when she laughed a lot with Jimin, or played Nintendo with Jin hyung. I got annoyed all those things, I don’t know why but I didn’t like it.

“I’m sure Y/N, I really don’t hate you.”

She fell asleep not long after taking her medicine and I sat for a while longer until I fell asleep myself without even realising it.

Y/N’s p.o.v

I felt something heavy lying on my thigh which had given me a dead leg. I propt myself up on my elbows to find Taehyung asleep lying on my thigh, with his legs dangling off of the side of the my bed. He slept so peacefully but he looked uncomfortable. I moved a piece of hair a fixed his bangs, his hair was soft despite the amount of times he had to dye it. I smiled looking at him, even though he feels like a long time bully, he really was a sweetheart. 

He moved slightly in his sleep so I decided to shake him. It was only four a.m. in the morning and I wasn’t about to chuck him out. 

“Taehyung, you can move over and sleep on this side of the bed. You’ll wake up with a sore neck otherwise.” His eyes still closed, he nodded and shifted his body to one side of the bed, shuffling around and finally slipping inside the duvets. I awkwardly lie back down, feeling a lot better after he had taken care of me and fell asleep beside him.

Sorry Not Sorry

Brett Talbot x Reader

Requsted by @imagine-s

Summary: You should never bully anyone with potential for the future. That’s a lesson Brett should’ve learn and now he gets to choke on his own words.

A/N: Based on Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry, especially this part of the lyrics:

Now you’re out here looking like regret
Ain’t too proud to beg, second chance you’ll never get
Can’t have this, can’t have this (ah)
And it’d be nice of me to take it easy on ya, but nah

Brett Talbot Masterlist

Teen Wolf Masterlist

You’ve dreaded for Devenford Prep to come at your current school, Beacon Hills.

Before you even went to Beacon Hills you’ve gone to Devenford, along with both Liam and Brett; the second one being the reason you had to transfer schools since his shitty attitude towards you making you throw punches at him and making the principal ‘forced’ to transfer you to a public school when he saw you lunging at the tall and smug wolf on daily basis.

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Yellow Sweater (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

A/N: This BARELY fits the request and I’ll rewrite if I need to. I promise. 

Request:  Hi there! Could you pls write some Jared Kleinman x Reader where the Reader is the quiet but stunning girl who all the guys are after and Jared feels like she’s way super out of his league because “Holy Fuck, I’m just a lowly class clown/hacker and she’s a fucking princess” but as he starts talking to her, he realizes there is smarts as well as deep insecurity underneath her looks & deep convos ensue and they soon start dating? Bonus pts for Jared fist-pumping the air when she says yes. Thanks!

WC: 2,201

Warnings: Language, Sex mention

“Look, Tom, all you have to do is suck it up and use your paladin instead of your bard,” Jared tried to sway the younger boy he was talking to.

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I Need Mountain Dew Red

For Prompt Master! (You know who you are!) Based on this prompt

You know how people often say they walk on egg shells around someone? Michael likes to put his own spin on the classic phrase.

It’s been a few weeks since the play and the fight with Jeremy’s SQUIP, and Michael’s still as tense as ever. Whenever he’s with Jeremy, he feels as if he’s navigating across a floor covered in legos or he’s hopping across furniture to avoid an area consumed by lava. Any slight misstep could yield dangerous results.

It’s not that Jeremy is acting weird, the exact opposite actually. The latter is as normal as he can be, albeit more confident thanks to a slew of new friends, but Michael cannot bear the idea of being ditched again. He spends each day watching Jeremy’s every move to see if there’s a slight swagger to his steps or a faint drop of pitch in his voice, anything that could indicate that the SQUIP still has control.

He’s sure that one day he will relax, but today is not that day. When he spots Jeremy buying a green mountain dew out of a vending machine at the mall, he panics.

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Moments and Memories- Chapter Five

This chapter is a bit different than usual. It’s happy but sad and feelings. I hope you enjoy. I also hope no one is too offended by the posts and new list. I gotta do what’s best for me and my mental health and what I think is best. If you don’t read it- not for business, but because you don’t want to- then I’m not going to force it. That’s it. I hope that makes sens and I hope you all enjoy this chapter. It was fun to write :)

It didn’t take long for the rumors to start flying. Everyone was speculating about who the mystery girl was, and more business came to the shop as everyone tried to catch a peek of the girl. Thankfully, between the angle of the photos and Chris’ team doing damage control, no one could tell who you were.

I could keep going as I was.

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∞ Astro [Moonbin]


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- no trace of nervousness when he asked you out, like he was born with the confidence

- teases you relentlessly, but knows when not to push your buttons

- competitive af, especially when you break out that nintendo 👀

- “you may be pretty but that pretty face won’t help you win”

- back hugs where he wraps his arms around your neck loosely and plants his chin on your head

- he’ll pucker his lips when he wants a kiss and you lean in out of instinct every time

- doesn’t admit that he’s jealous but he really is, he glares at any strange guy that approaches you, and if the guy touches you in any way he’s jumping in to take you away

- when he’s over, you guys spend 90% of the time just chilling in your bed watching movies

- the other 10% is bathroom breaks and snack runs to the kitchen

- sometimes you’ll come back from the bathroom to see him cuddling your pet, stroking their fur and lightly giggling when they nibble on his finger or make a cute noise, it’s really the purest and softest sight

- sing-alongs in the car. all. the. time.

- piggy back rides!!

- sitting on the floor of his practice room, handing him his water bottle when he needs it, giving him pecks of encouragement on the lips bc his face is too sweaty

- trying to cook together but he’s hopeless, your kitchen always ends up a mess, the food’s not that great, but he always smiles apologetically with a “sorry, ________”

- he never refuses when you ask to borrow his clothes, he loves the way you look in them 😍

Here’s my tribute for Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary!  I’ve been teasing this for a few weeks now and I’m happy to share this piece with you all after 30+ hours of work!  

You can pick up my first ever print for sale over at my RedBubble store! :)

Lastly, you can watch how I created the piece at my YouTube channel in the form of a speed painting.  Take a look at it to watch this organized chaos come to life!

Train on, Tumblrfam!

-Pokefan Bonny

Five Nintendo Switch Games I’d Like to See Announced at E3 2017

As a gamer, E3 has become a second Christmas. It’s an event lasting a few days where I get to see what new games, or updates on previously announced games, my favorite developers are working on. But, Nintendo is always the focal point of my viewership as I look forward to what new sequel, spin-off, or original titles they’ll reveal. This is the Nintendo Switch’s first E3, and with the date quickly approaching, I thought it’d make a list of five Nintendo Switch games (in no particular order) I’d like to see announced at this year’s E3.

I was first exposed to the fun and frantic gameplay of WarioWare on the GameCube, when WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$! was released in 2004. Since then, I’ve tried every iteration of the microgame madness, from GBA to Wii U, the latter being a more scaled down version of the series. The Joy-Con controllers would be a perfect way to experiment with the series, as they could take advantage of HD Rumble, and with the versatility of the Nintendo Switch, portability would add ease of multiplayer on the go. It would be great to allow up to 8 players to sit around and enjoy the absurdity of the mircrogames. Honestly, I’d choose WarioWare over Mario Party, especially with the way Mario Party is going … Here’s to WarioWare: Switch !

The year was 2003. The GameCube had been out for two years, and after begging my parents and working hard in the third grade, I convinced the omnipotent beings to buy me the system. When I saw the green wonder staring right at me, terror-stricken, I knew I had to pick up Luigi’s Mansion. The game is hands down, my favorite video game of all time, it has the charm and lovable aspects of a Nintendo game with an eerie atmosphere that no other Nintendo game has made me feel. Of course I would want a sequel! I know, I know, we had one Four years ago called Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and trust me, I was very excited when I found out it was coming, but seeing it was for 3DS broke my spirit. I did play the game and i liked it, however, a full-blown HD console version would be a dream come true. Especially if they go back to exploring one big mansion instead of multiple smaller ones. I’d say keep the multiplayer aspect of the 3DS game (again take advantage of the Joy-Con), but give me a bigger mansion and more creative ghosts to catch, like in the original. C’mon, Nintendo, give me Luigi’s Mansion 3! I would be so happy.

Mr. Miyamoto, don’t do this to me. I saw that interview a couple years back. You said Pikmin 4 was almost ready, so where is it? I understand game development takes time, but I know the newly announced Hey! Pikmin can’t be the sequel you teased. It just can’t be! Ok, breathe. Relax. All right I’m back. Pikmin has seen three games in its lifetime as a Nintendo IP, with Hey! Pikmin being the fourth. Pikmin 1 and 2 were released on GameCube in 2001 and 2004 respectively (wow another GameCube game) and about a decade later given New Play Control releases on Wii, and Pikmin 3 was released on Wii U in 2013. I believe there’s room for a true sequel on Nintendo Switch. Pikmin 4 could see a return of Olimar and Louie, maybe even the cast of Pikmin 3–Alph, Brittany, and Charlie–can return. I would love to explore new environments and Pikmin species alone or with a friend. Also, there’s no denying these things are downright cute. Please, more Pikmin!

Masahiro Sakurai. You know him as the creator of Kirby, and the Super Smash Bros. series, but in 2013 his team, Project Sora, released Kid Icarus: Uprising, which served as a reboot for what many thought was a long-forgotten Nintendo IP. The game has some of the funniest and wittiest dialogue in a video game I’ve ever experienced, as well as being the chattiest game Nintendo has to offer. The back and forth playfulness between Pit and Palutena is great, and watching Pit interact with other characters makes for a fun play through. The soundtrack was amazing and offered composition from many video game composers outside Nintendo. Now that development on Super Smash Bros. is far from done, it would be great if Sakurai gathered his team to work on a sequel to this game. I’d be more than glad to take down Hades and his minions once again. I just want to say: I loved Pit’s opening line “Sorry to keep you waiting” it sent chills down my entire body. Sakurai, don’t keep us waiting!

For my final entry, I’d like to show my desire for a console entry in the Mario & Luigi RPG series. I’m a huge Paper Mario fan. I’m also a huge Super Mario RPG fan, and that was the last Mario role playing game we got that didn’t take place in paper-thin worlds. With a total of five Mario and Luigi titles exclusive to handhelds, a console version would be a step in the right direction, since the last two entries on 3DS Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam were a little stale compared to the DS’s Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story or my personal favorite Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. There has been rumors regarding Ubisoft working on a cross-over between Mario & Luigi and their Rabbids franchise, but I, like all of you, am praying it is not true. Another rumor that has surfaced is a remake of Superstar Saga for 3DS, which I would be more in favor of, but until then, let’s hope we get a massive Mario & Luigi RPG for Switch with Co-op, larger worlds to explore, and new interesting characters that aren’t based in the mushroom kingdom. 

So these are five games I’d love to see announced at this year’s E3, and shouldn’t be confused with my predictions. That’s a whole other entry. Here’s hoping Nintendo Switch could keep the momentum it has got going, maybe with one or all of these games being announced. Hey, one can dream. Right?

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hey nix if you still doing the drabbles based on these gifs prince-dybala(.)tumblr(.)com/post/159784480030/how-hard-is-it-for-you-to-keep-that-tongue-in-your pls. i know you don't like him very much but these gifs 😍

Oh Pooja! I could never say no to you. I hope you’ll like this..

Tongue Action (Paulo Dybala Imagine)

“Stop it!” I frown at him.

My sudden cry pierced his concentration and he turned his gaze towards me.

“What? Stop winning?” He asked and then laughs before resuming to follow the movements of his hand infront of him. Up down, up down, up down.

“You’re distracting me!” I say, my hand moving faster trying to keep up with him.

He just grinned. I looked up from my hand and see that tongue out again.

“Pau! Keep your tongue in your mouth!” I groan as my rhythm slipped. Pau chuckled when he heard the bell ring and cows moo.

We turn towards the screen to see that he had “milked” 11 containers while I only “milked” 9 and a half.

“Ha! I win!” He gloats and does his masked celebration pose.

Annoying shit. I don’t even know why I date him.

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d.o x reader (request)

POV: D.O (third person)
Pairing: D.O (EXO) x Reader
Rating: PG
Comments: Did I actually write a scenario? Yes I did! Huzzah! Please take this while tumblr is willing to cooperate with me.

Summary: “can you do a KyungsooxReader where the reader is sick, really sick, and he doesn’t know until she faints at work and the hospital calls him? Please and thank you!” - Anon

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Dear JonBenet,

I have been missing you for six years now, and seeing your face on television and sometimes in the papers, I wish I could talk to you. We had such happy times together – in your pink bedroom, in your garden, all through your house. Although I was a couple of years older than you (your mom being pregnant with Burke when my mom was pregnant with me) I always liked playing with you best. You were funny and smart and liked ice cream as much as I did.

Do you remember how my mom taught us, at the Boulder Salad place, when we were spooning the ice cream into our cones, to tap the cones halfway through to make the ice cream sink so we could get more in? That was the last time we saw each other and it was such a good time. After you were gone, my mother asked if I thought you were missing ice cream. I said right away, “Mom, there’s ice cream in heaven.” I hope I was right.
I sure wish you were with me now that we’re teenagers. True, you wouldn’t be quite 13, but you seemed older than your years. Even when I knew you, you were never just this little kid running around. You always had plans, some project or other, something to do. I was never bored when I was with you. Now we could be going to Pearl Street Mall, two blondes together, and beyond hating the blond jokes. (You never got old enough to hate the blond jokes like I did.)

We could hang out on campus and look at what the college girls wear. When I was the age you’d be now, there was a big production of The Nutcracker. Sometimes I’d go and watch the rehearsals. You would have been one of the dancers, I bet.

I know you loved Christmas and the Pearl Street Mall is so pretty now with all of the lights. There’s another mall to go to now, too, as big as a town itself, with its own streets. I love it when my mom takes me there. You can get everything cool there, like at Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Polo and Ralph Lauren. At least those are what I like. There’s all of these new styles. You wouldn’t be old enough probably, to start asking your mom if you could have you bellybutton pierced, like I just did. And, of course, she said absolutely not! Maybe you’d say “Yuck!” Me, too, a couple of years ago. But now it seems ok, even cool.
And remember how we’d tease your brother all of the time?
“Let’s go bother Burke,” you’d say. And so we would go in his room where he was playing his Nintendo endlessly and unplug his computer. And then he would say “Heck, I was at the highest level!” And we would run away, go into your bathroom and lock the door, and he would be banging on it and we would be giggling behind it.

I’m so sad that you can’t be here to watch your brother grow up and change. Like my brother Matthew was distant for awhile and how he’s my friend and takes me to his classes at CU sometimes. He’s gong ot be an astrophysicist. I wonder what Burke is doing now.

The last time I saw him we were at Dougie’s house and he was so sad and grieving and hardly could talk from missing you. I wanted to hug him, but I couldn’t.

That last year you had a pink Christmas tree in your room. There were Christmas trees in every room of your house, all with presents under them, and I was tempted to be jealous because in our house we had only one Christmas tree for everybody.

But I didn’t really feel like being jealous because you always shared everything. If there was one cookie left, you would split it and give the biggest half to me. I really loved you for being kind and generous always.
You would have been such a good friends to me now in this kind of difficult time of learning to drive and all of that.
Maybe you would have been wanting to go to Boulder High like I do. I’d be telling you about all of these neat classes, like my catering class. We learned to make snickerdoodles at first and then we learned how to make Thanksgiving dinner. And the team sports. I did softball starting last summer and now I’m on the swim team.

You would be great at team sports becaue you always got along with everybody. You would still be too young for boyfriends (and wouldn’t need them!) and we would talk about sthat stuff. I miss you. You were so funny and always thought of things to do that might tick off the parents.

You would really love the Harry Potter books because they are full of magic. The Harry Potter movies are good, too. And maybe you’d like Eminem’s rap music and the movie 8 Mile. And concerts at Chataugua (a local park) And quieter things, like walks at Chataugua at sunrise with the dogs. Some things don’t change, like the Boulder Christmas Star, which has been lit for several weeks now, high on the hill that we could see from both our houses. Maybe you are looking at it now from above at least our eyes can meet there.

I know you loved your life and I loved your life too. And knowing how much you loved yours, I must love mine the more. I will always be thinking of you and hoping you have ice cream in heaven. I know you are an angel there and someday I will be with you.

The clouds will be pink like the walls of your room and we will be laughing together and looking forward, and back, and not missing each other anymore.

Love forever,
Your friend, Lindsey

Name: Astrid

Nicknames: Starry, and Ashe

Height: 4′10 (smol and thicc)

~Back-flow incense burners
~Fluffy Blankets
~Galaxy trash
~Hot cocoa
~Video games

~Cocky and overconfident people
~People who can’t take care of her books
~Bitter foods

Astrid loves to read and study, she enjoys learning new things everyday. You’ll find her in the library often, mostly in the evening or at twilight. She enjoys being in the library when none or less people are there. She enjoys reading spell books and fairytale books. She likes to go out and shop for books or clothes, and sweets. Astrid loves to sit and stare off at the MANY back-flow incense burners she has, enjoying of the smoke of the incense flows down elegantly. She spend her time in her room sleeping, or writing out her own stories, or occasionally plays any kind of video games in her room, mostly her Nintendo 3DS, or anything related to Nintendo or survival games/adventure games.

Most of the time, Astrid is very quiet and stoic, the most strangers ever get out of her is a very small smile. She has a very good memory and will mention even the smallest things. She’s not shy or anything, but just enjoys her time alone. She may be quiet but if you were to do anything to irritate her or make her angry, for sure you’ll hear her say something smart, almost soul crushing. She’s usually teased on by her size and height but doesn’t really care, for they’re too blind to realize how cute she is. She enjoys being around Melanie, even though she’s a little too clingy, but she doesn’t mind. She enjoys looking at herself in the mirror from time to time and likes to stare at her freckles and likes to look at how her thigh highs squeeze and wrap around her thighs.

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I want a Debriel thing so bad. Like I want Gabriel as Cas' hot older brother that Dean always stares at and blushes at whenever he's over. And Gabriel loves teasing Dean and just being an antagonizing little shit to get a rise out of him because it's easy and adorable. And then Gabe figures out where he's ticklish and tickles him to tears but then they realize they want to frickle frackle. And then they frickle frackle. I have a need.

(There will be none of that, as discussed. :P )

College AU. Cas lives with his brother Gabe in his off-campus apartment. When Dean visits - which is often - they play a lot of Mario Kart on Gabe’s old Nintendo 64.


“What the hell, man. You pick Moo Moo Farm every time.”

“I like the cows.” Cas started rapidly tapping the A button on his controller as the stoplight ticked down toward green.

What do you assholes want on your pizza?” Gabe’s voice called out from the dinky apartment kitchen.

“Pepperoni!” Dean shouted back, and swore when a mole popped up out of the track and sent his Bowser flipping.

“Pineapple for me!” Cas zoomed by and took first place. Yoshi squeaked in triumph.

Those don’t go together, morons.”

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Magical Girl Lucina! (Brady’s Builds)

Happy (late) Birthday, everyone’s favorite new poster child!

Lucina has been a huge favorite of mine since I first unmasked the mysterious “Marth” back in Awakening. But she’s not just my favorite Fire Emblem character. She’s come a long way and has traveled to a lot of places!

Smash, Code Name Steam, Project X Zone 2, and she weaseled her way back in to the series in Fates (along with some other old friends)!

Well anyway. Today the “Witch’s Trial” DLC was released and before that: 

“A Gift From Anna”

So please tell me you have your hands on a Witch’s Mark!

You do? Sweet!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Lucina looks gorgeous as a Witch.

Seriously wow!



So pret-wait…??!???!??!?

Nintendo, why….Ah w-well anyway…*ahem*

We all know Lucina’s Mag isn’t very good butamiibos don’t get many classes. SO why not have fun with some novelty units? Nothing serious. But you might make someone’s day if they run across you in PvP Haha!

So here’s 2 Witch Lucina builds:

Set One: “I Say When it Ends!

  1. First start to gather round stats in Dark Flier. It’s here you’ll grab Galeforce and raise both your Mag ans Skl.
  2. Now you can take on Great Lord and grab Aether and Awakening.
  3. A early tease of the Witch to build your Magic back up! While you’re here grab you can Warp but more importintly Toxic Brew!
  4. This part is kinda boring in my opinion but next up is Dread Fighter and the skill Aggressor. Good on pretty much anything but Dread Fighter is such a pain imo
  5. Alright finally back to the good stuff. You’re a Witch again so make you’re way to Toxic Brew!

This set is for offense with a tiny bit of support but that’s purely by coincidence. We’re trying our best to make Lucina a magic user so you might end up paying up a couple Eternal Seals. But that’s okay. It’s only money…

Recommended Weapons:

-Parallel Falchion: She won’t let go of the damn thing…

-Dragon Spirit: So we still combat the Dragons and it helps in an emergency. Besides. Don’t forget. You fight in Naga’s name!

-Horse Spirit: Raises all Lucina’s defenses and might keep her alive.

-Odin’s Grimoire: Take your opponents down through the power of family and critical hits. EPIC.

-Excalibur: Just like Lucina. What you assumed to be a blade will hit you with magic! This will also take advantage of the Witch’s S rank tome cap. Fliers tend to have high Res too so knock em down a peg!

-Calamity Gate: What Lucina escaped will now fight for her. If your opponents thinks they have the upper hand; show them their grim future…

Set Two: “Hope Will Never Die!”

-Shadowgift: For Nosferatu. This might help in polishing off an enemy while gaining a little HP if you need it.

-Relief: Coupled with warp Lucina may retreat to a healer or away from enemies. Either way after she’s safe she’ll heal a bit if you give her a moment to her self.

-Toxic Brew: Just a really good skill and takes advantage of Lucina’s natural Skl. Might also help you and others survive if a baddie just won’t go down.

-Warp: See Relief. 

As you can see this is a easier build to pull off and meant to keep Lucina alive while chipping away at the enemies. Neat, eh?

Recommended weapons:

-All previously recommended weapons


-Moonlight: Helps if Nosferatu isn’t doing it for you.

-Sheep Spirit: In a way will replace the Falchion. But at the same time you could just carry around an Elixer or something  tbh.


Boy all that sounds difficult huh?

Well what if I told you there was a way to make your amiibos absolutely perfect without using any of your seals or materials?!

You’d wan’t to know right? Yeah I bet ya would.

Haha! Next time, friends. Patience is key.

Well again Happy Birthday, our beloved, blue, butterfly princess. and thank you for reading, Lucina and FE fans!

Here’s to another year of Fire Emblem


It’s that time again!  My uncle’s dentist’s pet parakeet’s drug dealer’s sister’s therapist’s grandma’s former college roommate who works for Nintendo has sent me scans for the next CoroCoro that was teased in the most recent issue!  This one shows off the long awaited new forms for Kyogre, Groudon & Rayquaza!

Type: Water/Poison
Ability: Layers - This Pokémon must be hit 5 times before taking damage.
To activate Kyogre’s transformation into KyOgre, you must send out a Fairy-type Pokémon when battling it in its swamp.

Type: Ground/Dragon
Ability: Donkey Fly - This Pokémon’s type changes to Flying when hit with a Fairy-type move.
Groundonkey has been in an eternal argument with KyOgre because KyOgre won’t share its swamp.

Type: Ghost/Flying
Ability: Low Height - This Pokémon is so short, Flying-type moves go right above it and miss.
Farquaza sent Fairy-type Pokémon into KyOgre’s swamp, enraging it.  This caused a war between the three legendary Pokémon because Groudonkey and all the Fairy-type Pokémon wanted to live in KyOgre’s swamp because Farquaza kicked them out of Hoenn.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire are looking more promising then ever!  Can’t wait to see what E3 has to offer!

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The One Where Eddie Moves In

this didn’t really work like… as Eddie for anyone. so, i sort of wrote a different thing.


“So,” Isaac eyes the possible new tenant warily from where he’s examining Boyd’s painting on the wall. “Do you have any questions for us?”

Stiles turns and beams at him, Derek feels it like a punch to the gut. “Nah, I don’t think so. You say it’s three hundred a month?”

“Three fifty,” Derek corrects flatly.

Boyd elbows him in the stomach. “Three hundred, plus we have an account you can put money in for bills and shit.”

Stiles glances from Derek to Boyd, bouncing on the balls of his feet. “You want me to pay three twenty five, would that make you feel better?”

Derek scowls as Boyd and Isaac both grin. “We have really noisy neighbors.”

“’S’cool, my best friend and his girlfriend used to have ridiculously loud sex in the room next to me,” Stiles smirks ruefully.

“You can’t smoke.”

Stiles waves his hands around. “I got better things to do with these than stain them yellow.”

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