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trans boy mc x yoosung hcs who loves gaming as much as him? ^^ sorry if you're not taking rqs rn its good enough you're doing this for free just wanted to say i love your blog also!


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  • The two of them would always make time for gaming during the weekend
  • It was tradition okay
  • Even during the week, if they had spare time, they would both be online and be chatting while they played
  • But when the weekends came about, MC would come over to Yoosung’s apartment 
  • The marathon would begin
  • Yoosung would make dinner and they’d eat it while playing games tbh
  • There was, of course, also a bunch of snacks that MC brought
  • Their tradition had started after MC had come to Yoosung’s door, nervous about coming out as trans, and Yoosung had offered that they could play games together until he calmed down
  • Ever since then, every weekend, MC would come over on Friday and video games would be played until Saturday morning
  • Certain games MC kicked Yoosung’s ass at and he always pouted for a few seconds before congratulating MC with a kiss
  • But the games where the two of them played together were MC’s favorite, because they were two really cute boyfriends kicking ass and taking names
  • After really intense battles, Yoosung would usually cheer and stand up, jumping around excitedly before smooching his cute boyfriend
  • If anybody on voice chats made fun of MC and his voice, Yoosung would not rest until they felt his wrath
  • Eventually, they would get tired of the console or PC games, so they’d switch to Nintendo DS
  • With the Wi-Fi, they could usually go against each other in games
  • MC would always win at Mario Kart, sticking his tongue out at Yoosung from where he had it pillowed on Yoosung’s lap
  • (There was almost always a tickle fight after that which ended in giggles, blushing and kisses)
  • Honestly, they would stay up until 4 am playin games or goofing around and they didn’t regret a second of it
  • If either one of them started getting too tired or didn’t want to play, they would sit in the lap of the other while they played the X-Box, nestled in between the X-Box player’s arms
  • MC often fell asleep like this and Yoosung had to constantly stop and kiss his forehead/cheek because he was so precious and cute?
  • Finally, they both pass the fuck out amidst the wrappers and soda cans, snuggled together on the couch
The History of Nintendo: Going Online

Today, we take another look at the DS, and one of its most significant contributions to Nintendo and gaming; Wi-Fi internet connection. Nintendo had experimented in this field with the Sattelaview, 64DD, and other products, and Microsoft had already begun its subscriber service Xbox Live, but the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection was very different from these in some very exciting ways.

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As of this moment, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection has been taken down. Due to Gamespy closing down all of their functions, Nintendo has had to close the online features of all DS & Wii games. This affects the games Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Battle Revolution, Black, White, Black 2, White 2 and several spin-off titles. The online functions of these games will unfortunately not return. 3DS and Wii U titles, including Pokémon X & Y, Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter are unaffected by this.

Source: Serebii

The History of Nintendo: Well, Wii All Want To Change The World

The Wii was unstoppable in its first few years, and that kind of momentum does not stop easily. The middle and later years of its life brought the Wii quite a few landmark titles that are still influencing games today.

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Happy October, Pokemon Fans! Nintendo Wi-fi connection has a gift for you this month!

This Pokemon is available ONLY over wi-fi connection, unlike the Shiny Gengar Event at Gamestop this month! This special Pumpkaboo can help you enter the Battle Tournament that takes place this month when you trade it to evolve it into a Gourgeist, if you don’t already have one! Grab this special Pumpkaboo equipped with a Rocky Helmet and possessing the two special moves Trick-or-Treat and Scary face! 


Sakurai’s Daily Screenshot - August 26, 2014

“Spectator Mode is available even on the compact 3DS version!! In this mode, you can watch players all around the world fight and make bets with in-game gold. Wager wisely by checking out the player names, rules, win rates, odds, fighters, and stage!!

Being able to cheer someone on is what really makes spectating matches fun. This time, 1st and 2nd place will get prizes in four-player matches, and spectators can bet the gold they win on Bonus Chances.” - Masahiro Sakurai

Next Week Begins the Celebi event

This event will be given via Nintendo Network (via Wi-Fi)

For those that don’t remember how to download a event via Nintendo Network:

First you will need Internet connection

- Select Mystery Gift

- Receive Gift

- Via Internet

The event begins on March 1  until March 24