nintendo tennis


In the main menu of Mario Power Tennis, Toad is present to explain the selection options. It appears as though Toad is close to the background and roughly the same size as the icons. However, moving the viewpoint reveals that Toad is actually extremely tiny and extremely close to the camera (note Toad near the left edge of the screen in the bottom image).


Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 contains a model viewer within a dummied-out debug mode that can be accessed with cheats. This feature allows us to see what the player characters’ models look like before animation data is applied to them.

Top left: DK as he normally appears. Top right: DK’s default model before animations are applied. Bottom: 360-degree view of DK’s default model.


The back cover of the Japanese official sountrack CD for Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64 contains renders of Donkey Kong, Birdo, Paratroopa and Boo that have never been released at a high resolution. The bottom image shows the pictures in the highest definition that existing scans of the cover can provide.