nintendo sleeve


“Princess Zelda” by Vic Hollins, 2016

Watercolor, acrylic ink & Colored Pencil on 140lb HP Arches.

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And now back to your regularly scheduled program

Yes. I missed a week of blogging about my weight loss. Last Thursday found me in a not-so-pleasant place in my life, and blogging just seemed so foreign a thing to worry about that I skipped it. But I’m here today, and with good news!

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I have officially lost ,,,

101 pounds!

Triple digits baby! WOOHOO!

I now weigh 255 pounds … and I feel great!

I never in a million years believed that I would reach 100+ pounds lost. It truly has changed my life! And most of that is a good thing, but some of it is … new to say it delicately.

For instance, yesterday I looked at my left hand and noticed a bit missing. My wedding ring had fallen off! Somewhere between work and home, my weight loss had shrunk my hand to a pre-nuptial state and gravity, upset that it could no longer claim 1/3 of me, claimed my wedding ring. God be praised, Jammie found it in the kitchen sink, but for a few hours there, I had a serious roller coaster of emotions! Yay for the weight loss, but WHOA WHERE’S MY RING!?

Also, some aspects of my previous life have tried rearing their thorny butts back into my day to day. Where I was going to the gym 4 times a week, we’ve stopped going almost all together. It’s gotten too expensive and we can’t afford it anymore. Instead we’ve taken up walking down the road to a local church. The trip covers a mile of distance, which is about the same workout we were getting at the gym, but recently, we’ve lacked the time or discipline to even leave the house. It’s this lethargy that has me stagnated at 255. My next goal is to reach 230 and I know it’s only going to get harder. Next week, my work schedule should clear up again, and I vow to myself and to my supporters that I will get my butt on the road, even if I have to drag it there.

But that’s next week. THIS WEEK! I LOST TRIPLE DIGITS! *screaming intensifies*

Cya next week!

HW: 356 pounds

CW: 255 pounds

WL: 101 Dalmations … POUNDS! I mean pounds.

Next Goal: 230 pounds