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Super Mario Odyssey Deluxe Case | $19.99 Buy-Now!

  • Mario Odyssey design on front of case
  • Deluxe Travel Case holds and protects Nintendo Switch
  • Zippered mesh pocket holds extra game cards
  • 2 Red Transparent Game Card Cases which hold 4 game cards each with dust free protection
  • 2 Red Transparent Micro SD Card Cases which hold 2 Micro SD cards each and fit in any section of the Game Card case

I finally had time to do an updated Pokémon Games & Figures collection shoot today, so I do hope you all enjoy! I’ve been collecting and playing Pokémon since I was a little kid back in elementary school, so this is my collection throughout the past two decades. The last time I took photos was during Pokemon20, so I thought it would be cool to do another update post! I’ll be posting the full resolution photos of my collection up on my Flickr later this afternoon!


This Game Boy Pocket is just one of two prototypes ever made!

Mattel, the makers of Barbie, pitched this transparent, pink, glitter filled Barbie Game Boy Pocket to Nintendo as a way of marketing the handheld to young girls. Unfortunately, the two companies never came to an agreement and the system would never see store shelves.

A long time ago I got an ask asking if Pocket Fi can play the Nintendo Switch and the answer is yes but a single Pocket Fi can only play one Joycon.

I didn’t like the neon Joycons at first but they’ve grown on me so now I do. Personally, I have the grey Joycons for my Switch but I’m not losing any sleep over that or anything. I like my Joycon colors matching.