nintendo magazine system


Another Plok review, from the UK’s “Nintendo Magazine System” (not to be confused with Australia’s).

This image is from “RetroGameGeeks” on Twitter. There’s no scan of this issue, so I’m lucky that they just happened to post the Plok review. I tried to transcribe the review to make it easier to read, but JPG artifacts completely destroyed some of the text.

Apparently they think it’s competent, but boring. And gave it an 81 anyway?



These are scans from an issue of Nintendo Magazine System (around Christmas 1994?, UK), where the magazine held a Mortal Kombat contest for new Fatality/InsertAThingAlity ideas. The supremely generous top prize was a Mortal Kombat 2 arcade machine. 

Apologies for the page clippage as my scanner bed is smaller than the pages, so if you’re filling in the blanks of some words you’re probably 95% right.