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So if youre one of those players that likes to collect the two alternate versions and then the third sequel to the first of the generation- This is for you!

Starting March 1st, you can download X or Y for free! Its only available in America and Canada! 

Just register your 3ds/3dsxl/2ds and one of the six games below, and you can get a free copy! If you already own animal crossing, or any of the other games, you DO NOT need to re-download them! Be ready to register by March 1st-31st! Promotion is invalid after the month is over, so be sure to grab your code before Midnight on March 31st!

Suggestions for Nintendo Land
  • Roller coaster ride of Rayquaza that goes and retells the history of Hoenn
  • A Pokemon museum that combines all the museums from every region
  • A library with textbooks that tells the stories of video games i.e a section for Mario, one for Pokemon myths, Metroid, etc
  • Star Fox simulator where you are the pilot and battle through different sectors
  • Cafeteria where it has King Dedede trying to steal your food and Kirby stops him, while the employees are also dress as Waddle Dees
  • Lobby in the hotel would be just like the waiting room in smash, with lifesize amiibos placed around
  • Every hotel room accustom with different designs to fit the video games’ areas i.e Samus’ ship for Metroid, Gaur Plains for Xenoblade etc including a music box 
  • Temple exploration just like the Legend of Zelda
  • Metroid laser tag where you get Samus’ arm cannon and you also get to shoot down Metroids
  • You can also buy and collect Crazy Order passes and use them to exchange items instead of spending money, while Master Order passes are used for reservations at as hotel room
  • Xenoblade ride that retells the battle of the Mechonis and Bionis
  • The moon from Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask luring over Nintendo Land and you have to play the ocarina to keep it away just like in the game
  • Mario Kart go-cart racing/bumper cars
  • Animal Crossing section where you build mini houses, go fishing, and collect beatles while the employees are dressed as residents

Happy 23th Years, Kirby’s Dream Land.

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