nintendo i really want a zelda game where zelda is the main character

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did you finish Breath of the Wild? what did you think?

I’ve gotten some other asks like this asking for my opinion, so I’ll go ahead and give a quick review of BOTW.  I’m going to keep my specific thoughts under the cut to avoid spoiling anything for people still playing.

Overall, this was an amazing game.  I really like how they shook up the Zelda formula to give us a whole new adventure, but it still felt like Zelda.  I would give it a 9.5 out of 10 because I have a few little gripes, which I will detail under the cut.

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After 200+ hours of playing  Breath of the Wild, I have finished my adventure. Here are my thoughts. (Spoilers)

So, almost two months after its release, I have officially completed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and oh boy, do I have a lot to say about this game. I’m a little hesitant to call this a review, I guess, because it’s not organized too well or intent on giving a score or anything silly like that. But considering my love for this series and acknowledging this game as a huge departure from what many have grown used to, its got my head spinning with a whole bunch of thoughts that I just feel like dumping somewhere. This is mostly an art blog, it feels a little weird sticking this here but I honestly don’t know where else I’d put it. I’ll try to organize my brain and keep things as short as possible, but for the most part I’m just gonna jump in.

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Towers Two reminds me a lot of Legend of Zelda

I’ve been gearing up to run Towers Two for the past week or so. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s the old school adventure written by the late frontman of GWAR, Dave Brockie. It was published posthumously by LotFP, with the writing being completed by Jobe Bittman.  

Towers Two is one of my favourite kinds of adventure books. It’s a modestly sized sandbox that could be inserted into any ongoing campaign: It’s small enough for the Referee to easily remember all of its parts, but just big enough to be the focus of an entire campaign if the players wished. 

Its characters are all unique and easily recognizable (It’s almost as if giving your NPCs easily spelt/spoken names lends them verisimilitude and being remembered. How bout that shit). It trades in generic fantasy tropes like orcs and giants and castles, but manages to make them feel fresh and inviting. 

And for those who are squeamish, its “GWARness” can easily be toned down or stripped out. That said, it’s more fun to play its abundance of gore/filth/sex/death straight.

Reading it over again, the whole layout and trappings of the adventure remind me a lot of The Legend of Zelda

I’d really like to run it with this in mind. More details below.

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