nintendo hd

i hope nintendo releases melee hd but they fix all of the bugs that melee players exploit and don’t release any gc controller support

i want this fixed version of melee to exist to spite melee players, so they have to keep lugging their crts around to exploit bugs that nintendo fixed in the rerelease. so they have to explain to people that they can’t play melee hd because nintendo fixed the bugs they use to cheat at the old version. 

I love drawing Koroks, and they’re back in the new Zelda botw game! 🍃🌳☘️🌿🌲🙇🏻🖍 i used copic and alpha markers 🤓🖍/ Me encanta dibujar Koroks, y vuelven para el nuevo Zelda botw! Use marcadores copic y alpha. 👋🏻