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New & updated timeline of Nintendo’s handheld consoles.

My Red & Black XL has been great for the past 3 years but it may be time to upgrade to a New XL.

Which ones have you owned over the years?


First Look at the Nintendo Switch Set Up & Operating System

‘Nintendo - ‘Hot Mario Brothers’’
[’Mario Kart DS’; ‘Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time’ ; ‘Mario Party 7′]


  • Photographed by sanchome, via Flickr
  • In 2005, Nintendo employed the services Japanese owarai duo, Ninety-nine, to portray real-life versions of Mario and Luigi for their ‘Hot Mario Bros.’ campaign. The most famous example of this campaign was the Japanese commercial for Mario Kart DS, which depicted Luigi engaged in an online match with players from around the world. and losing in a most familiar matter…