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Shigeru Miyamoto and The Roots Perform the Super Mario Bros. Theme!


Acoustic Super Mario Bros 2 Character Select by Josiah McDaniel


Zelda - Song of Storm ☆ (Rip ma short fingers)

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the original spiderman trilogy with Tobey

I want to vacation in a nice clean cabin right on a nice clean and tropical beach in a really beautiful location like Hawaii or Bali or even here in california and chill there for about 3 weeks with my guitars, my Nintendo switch and maybe have a friend I really like stay in the cabin next door and just fucking chill there for a month and write music, play guitar, video games etc. go swimming, go out to eat nice food in nearby towns, hang with my friend and meet new people.

Most importantly I want to sit on the beach at night and stare off into the ocean and drink a milkshake and occasionally talk to online friends on my phone. Go back in my cabin and have a nice sleep.


Golden sun will always be one of my favorite rpg games, plus it has a LOT of amazing songs!

Original Composer: Motoi Sakuraba