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♡ Fire Emblem: Heroes Spring Festival QR Codes!  ♡

OMG! The spring festival outfits are sooo pretty! So here’s some super cool qr codes of them! ʕ • ᴥ • ʔ yeah! 


“Anemonia Nightclub (lol!!)
Jokes aside, I watched the single player trailer for Splatoon2 and I just wondered how that scene would have been like if the game had a bit of an older audience target and more emphasis on cinematic somehow.

I might or might not explore that idea further; but it’s fun to imagine things like that as a storyboard artist :))”

I realized that at some point I had gotten tunnel vision and my eyes had gotten used to the dark; so the previous versions that had color were actually way too dark and I didn’t realize it x_x

So, thank you all again for your indulgence with my trial and error process. Have an agent 4 doodle as bonus too.

Splatoon (2) © Nintendo