nintendo dress

im pretty sure we can all agree that twilight princess zelda is best designed, most kickass ver of zelda


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Kitty cat in starlight dress. hope you love it, it really is cute!


I tried my hand at making a pro design in animal crossing! Second try at this. I’m feeling p good about this but there are some things I wanna improve on. Also i seriously wish we had a few more colors.
I made this in HHD because I can’t access New Leaf at the moment but those codes also work in NL!

On related note: I got the Happy Home Designer New 3DS now and it’s really cute!! I’m happy I finally upgraded. My old 3ds had the thing where the d-pad starts dissolving and it was really bothering me. I gave that one to my mom though, so now she can enjoy animal crossing too, just like back in the day on the DS and GC. :)


I was making clothings based off of of my favorite characters, but not exactly like their characters, so this could really be used by anyone. :P Enjoy! Also drawing done by me a long time ago, in case you’re wondering. ^_^

Please give me permission before you post this anywhere, send an ask or email me at, thank you!