nintendo dress

im pretty sure we can all agree that twilight princess zelda is best designed, most kickass ver of zelda


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I tried my hand at making a pro design in animal crossing! Second try at this. I’m feeling p good about this but there are some things I wanna improve on. Also i seriously wish we had a few more colors.
I made this in HHD because I can’t access New Leaf at the moment but those codes also work in NL!

On related note: I got the Happy Home Designer New 3DS now and it’s really cute!! I’m happy I finally upgraded. My old 3ds had the thing where the d-pad starts dissolving and it was really bothering me. I gave that one to my mom though, so now she can enjoy animal crossing too, just like back in the day on the DS and GC. :)


Kitty cat in starlight dress. hope you love it, it really is cute!

so I bought the Awakening Art Book (lol rip wallet) and I got so happy to see Lucina in the bride class outfit??? like omfg this is sO PRETTY I MUST DRAW IT?!

so I drew it and it was a gr8 way to get back into digital art by practicing new coloring techniques.. please note this fan art is heavily referenced from the art book itself!!! it was very fun to have it as concept art practice and coloring practice!!