nintendo costumes

Happy 31st anniversary to the Legend of Zelda series. ❤

I’m in love with this stunning photo by Miss Mallo Photography! It was an honor to meet and work with so many new photographers at Katsucon. Collaborating with other talented artists is one of my favorite aspects of cosplaying, and Katsucon is one of the best places to do it at.

Photo by @missmallophotography-blog
Costume made and worn by me.

Squid shoes are coming together! 🦑👟

These shoes were painted with Angelus paint, with details added in leather and foam. The clothing tags are made from vinyl decals layered over leather and more vinyl. Yeah, I managed to incorporate leather into this costume. Unfortunately they don’t make leather out of actual squids (I checked)

I still need to add the squid shape to the back and make the soles black. I also want to swap the shoelaces out for something larger and more cartoon-ish. But these are starting to look pretty fresh~


“Anemonia Nightclub (lol!!)
Jokes aside, I watched the single player trailer for Splatoon2 and I just wondered how that scene would have been like if the game had a bit of an older audience target and more emphasis on cinematic somehow.

I might or might not explore that idea further; but it’s fun to imagine things like that as a storyboard artist :))”

I realized that at some point I had gotten tunnel vision and my eyes had gotten used to the dark; so the previous versions that had color were actually way too dark and I didn’t realize it x_x

So, thank you all again for your indulgence with my trial and error process. Have an agent 4 doodle as bonus too.

Splatoon (2) © Nintendo


Enjoyed taking some pics with my Zelda gear tonight! I’m starting to really feel a Link cosplay at some point ;;;;;)))))) 

Master Sword and Hylian Shield were both made from scratch by me! I have video tutorials on both of them that you can watch on my youtube channel :0 (master sword tutorial is coming in the next couple of days)