nintendo cartridges

the person who immediately sticks the nintendo game cartridge into their mouth as soon as they hear the news:

  • pidge
  • keith
  • hunk

the person who watches someone lick the game cartridge, laughs at their reaction, and then does it themselves and cries:

  • lance
  • shiro

the person who bought all these games and now has to watch their friends lick them. is mildly concerned, but also plans on licking a cartridge later on when they’re by themselves in the privacy of their room:

  • allura

the person who accidentally chokes on the game cartridge:

  • coran

I know it sounds ridiculous, but Nintendo deliberately making Switch cartridges taste awful so that kids don’t choke on them is super thoughtful?? Like, they could have totally just slap some warning on the manual to avoid lawsuits, but this is actually smart idea.