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Aahhh I’ve been meaning to do this for a very long time and now I’ve gotten so many followers and friends, I figured now would be a great time to celebrate with a Follower Forever! 

Italics - Awesome Person
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Astricks (*) - Real life friend

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This list doesn’t even begin to say how much I owe ya guys. You’ve been with me since the beginning of summer, when I decided to become a Pokemon Blog. Some of you guys are still following me from when I was awkwardmissrice and then poyo-pop. And then, when I became explorer-of-dungeons, everything really changed. I met a lot of you then. I tried to stay Pokemon only. But soon that changed. I changed my url to clemontic-gear-on. I also began to get more involved in different things, like Markiplier for an explain. I went from a casual watcher to a full out fan. And all of you stayed with me even when I changed my blog. And then, of course, tiny-box-treecko came along and things are just great.

Let me say this, back in September, I only had 100 followers. Can ya believe that? And I was friends with almost all of them. Eventually, I gradually gained followers (and friends!). I went 100 to 600 in a matter of months. And even now, I’m on my way to 700 followers. You guys have helped me through some rough patches you probably didn’t even know you helped out with. There was a lot of things going on in the summer and things were beyond suckish in the beginning of the year too. Ah I’m rambling, but seriously, thank you all. Even if you aren’t listed, you mean the world to me. You’ve helped me more then you could possibly know. And this is just a simple way of saying thank you. 

So, for the sack of wrapping this frickin’ thing up; Thank you all so much! I look forward to many more memories to come! And new friendships too~ And remember, have a happy holiday! No matter what you celebrate, remain safe and don’t let anyone stand in your way! 

With love,

WHOAH holy butts guys!!! I hit 1,000 followers!!! Thank you guys so much! I actually hit 1,000 about a week ago, but I’ve been busy with the holidays and such. This is my first ever follow forever woooo!  I’m glad you decided to follow me and I hope you enjoy your stay. I hope my blog is like a sexy Nintendo vacation ;)

So without further ado, here’s the lovely blogs who grace my dashboard! (if i forgot anyone pls hit me/inform me via message)

special mentions:

#gitgud squad: @gusher-gauntlet, @grum-gramps

nintendo url squad: @nentindo @nintend-hoe @nintendhoe @nintendo-berry @nintindoe @nintendoseal @nintendotrash @nintinduh @nintooner

NAM squad: @pointlessloquaciousness @rabbitkiss @scuttlepup @sonictheonlyhedgehog @squirrelpaste @tealninja

irl frands: @al-rokers-bowel-movements @heyunfaithfulllll @lordvaati @mrmflake @ohmygoshcheese @parks-and-wreck-creation @problematic-weave @tasty-peach @tokimorihazama

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@16-bitch @a-cute-goth @a-hero-sky @akeelah-and-the-bitch @alien-spacebabe @a-link-between-worlds @alqhys @al-rokers-bowel-movements @aromapots @boredinsomniac @braveevee @cantwearflipflops @chachachacheetah @chrawrizards @chewgi @chzcake @clefaiiri @cloudygem @cutelydeviant

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@delfino-airstrip @diitto @earthboundanddown @eightbitblonde @ewnn @fairy-in-a-bottle @finalsmash @fireandbloodandpaganmin @firepsychic @fortressoffestivity @gamedork @gamesthetic @ganondouche @genei-ibun-roku-fe @ghirahimu @goddess-palutena @gothicweeb @grandtheftchocobo @green-shell @grum-gramps @gusher-gauntlet 

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Anonymous requested Huebirds from Rhythm Heaven, so I thought I could incorporate a drawing with a 500 followers post!

I CANT EXPRESS ENOUGH HOW THANKFUL I AM FOR ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS! I want to thank everyone for putting up with my gaming obsession and my constant posts of my art. I am giving each and everyone of you a virtual hug. Embrace it.

♥Geek-in-a-boxx’s Follow Forever♥

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(whispers graphic design is my passion) lol sorry I’m not great with photoshop or anything

I wanted to do a follow forever to celebrate 9000 followers! Thank you all so much for sticking around and being so supportive and wonderful to me, I couldn’t ask for better followers/friends/mutuals/fandom/etc <3

I hope I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings by excluding them, I really tried to get everyone but I may have forgotten one or two ;A;

(PS Background credit for the picture goes to pokemon-personalities ^u^)

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hello and welcome to my 500+ follow forever 

i am so very grateful to all these amazing followers and friends because they make me very happy i can’t even express the happiness with these words like <丶´Д`>  ahhhh i’m just soososos happy  because this website is so amazing lame  but i still love it  

anyways lets not forget how i am terrible with words and don’t know how to write out how i feel and get to the follow forever. thank you again!

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To celebrate the glorious death of 2014 and welcome the new year, I’ve decided to do my first ever follow forever! Thank you all for being with me, you’ve made my 2014 so great and I hope for even better times this year!! (੭ु´・ω・`)੭ु⁾⁾


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thanks again!! I was super sleepy when I made this so I may have made some mistakes, please tell me if you think you see one!

Happy New Year~! (ฅ´٥`๑) ♡

Yoo so I got to 1k last month So i’m doing my second follow forever ^__^ Thanks to everybody for helping me reach this milestone!

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woo i made it to 1000 followers! thank you so much everyone! so i guess it’s a thing to do one of these every k so here’s my first follow forever.

italics are mutuals and bold are friends or just people who i think are super cool and have super great blogs.

also i tried my best not to forget people but it’s easy when there’s so many (i had to edit this like a million times before i posted it to add people in) so i’m really sorry if i missed anyone

now go follow all of these cuties


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nintend-hoe replied to your post:[[MOR] i wish i went to art school. i really…

I went to regular college and had an art major there, but then switched to art school because I didnt think it was taken as seriously where i was. I love art school so much, and although it’s hard if there is any way you can please come <3

well i imagine it’s pretty hard to get into the art major in normal schools? i just really want to be an art teacher lol

anonymous asked:

I am looking for more blogs to follow. They don't have to be a full on Animal Crossing blog, so what are some recommendations? I like seasons, drinks, not so much of anime, books, music. I am open to almost anything but sex and nudes. lol Thank you.

okay so i have no idea what you want to so heres a bunch i love and follow haha

i prob forgot a lot BUT I LOVE EVERYONE I FOLLOW!!! sorry if i forgot you i cant list 700 here hahah

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Bun’s Follow Forever!

I can’t believe it! Finally, I reached 1000+ followers! I want to thank all of you for helping me through this journey, and to make my stay here worth, well..staying! You all are amazing! 

To start things off, there’s a few people that I want to give a special shoutout. Those who really mean a lot to me.

crystal-version - Firsts of all, I need to say a huge thank you to you! You’ve helped me so much, especially when my mental health was on the verge to breaking. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have made it to 2015. You’re just the best! 

olivia-ofregnaferox - My Princess~! You’re just so cute, and pretty, and just the greatest ever! I can’t help but think about you during my day. You’re so sweet, I think you give me cavities! You’re by far my favourite person on earth, and I couldn’t see myself go through life without you. 

cactuskaneki - Cutie Cat! We’ve haven’t been talking much as of late, but even so, you’re my best friend on this site! Every time I see a cactus, you’re the first thing that pops in my head! You’ve helped me through some rough times, and you’re so fun to talk to!

omnomina - You’re one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met! You’re super nice and easy to talk to. No matter how bad I’m feeling, just seeing that you took the time to send me a massage makes me smile. 

elfikisses - Oh jeez, where do I start!? You’re someone I consider as a really really REALLY close friend. We might not talk a lot, but I’m still so grateful I got to meet you, and every moment we do speak makes me so happy! 

mewistheancestor - You’re a pretty cool guy! You make super good work with the biomes, and you’re just so nice, friendly, and sweet! Super easy to talk to and you never fail to make me giggle or smile! 

Now with that settled, let’s start up with the others!

arcanineoneone | asexual-trainer | appropriateskirts | ask-all-the-rivals | a-pokemonparty | azure-flute | avoidant2d | angry-slowpoke | artificially-lame | adamant-charizard | alizaverse | bubblejetpokemon | bidoofs-wish | bannibanette | charizardisbetterthanyou | chrawrizards | captain-keyes | chibi-shin | cloud9altaria | de-dennes | duckduckzangoose | dusskull | daily-arcanines | darkchandelure | darkmuffinz | eevee-ray | eevechu | esp-eon | fancy-a-ghoul | fairy-queen-sylveon | fullmetal-ampharos | fire-type | fancy-vivillon | flaaffu | fuurrets | gravityfellandhecantgetup | garysraticate | goomdra | h0ppip | janekellog | jadehariey | jelly-filled-pikachus | koppaites | ken–kaneki | knuckleslover | kiloudecity | kasuria | lilliganite | little-bird-in-your-universe | lysvndre | leader-volkner | lionel-lucario | lapis-lazvli | lucariohdamn | mightyenites | mega-spooky-pinsir | moody-dragonite | morningespeon | mathewryf | makuhita | miss-pencil | missyplatina | mudkeep | megarizardonx | megast0nes | mega-gardevoir | megarayguaza | nintend-hoe | nuzleef | notreallyscience | no-gxme-no-life | ommanyte | oneeyeghouls | overthecastformwall | punnyshorecity | pokemon-tumblr-version | profoaked | peppermintoads | poke-mo-mo | poliwhirlin | palipitoad | pokemon-diamond-version | prinxeofthesea | pichews | princess-of-pokemon | pokerockin | pikamans | peggyxgiggles | pokemoninfinity | primal-togepi | pkmn-emerald | princess-snorlax | pokemon-pit | pokemon-global-academy | quil-ava | ryinin | rondez-view | rosaelina | roselea13 | shinypiplups | shinyreshirams | sableye-of-the-tiger | sylveonss | snorunt-of-the-litter | simipour | storyboos | shyfrench | strawberrybuneary | suicool | s-a-w-s-buck | slopoke-tails | sylveon-princess | skarmoury | sciizors | thesinnohunderground | triforceofpancakes | the-velveteen-buneary | twofacedwitch | the-hills-have-sableyes | uzxie | volbeatz | video-games-universe | weeaboo-lord | wrathofslowbro  | x-scizor | you-should-have-feared-me-more | zuuubat | 5weetsorrow

And there you have it, my second follow forever! Thank you everyone who sticks with me during my journey! I really appreciate everyone, and I love every single one of you. You all are amazing!

Wow. I can’t believe it, but I’ve finally reached 3,000 followers~ I really never thought I would even make it past a thousand. So for reaching 3,000 I thought I would do my first follow forever ever!~ And I want to thank all my followers for being so amazing. I love you all. <3

In bold are the super cuties~

In italics are my senpai’s. ^-^

The ones striked through are the special real life ones.

(Also please forgive me if I forgot anyone I tried to add everyone I could think of)

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All of you are super cute and have amazing blogs! My dashboard would be nothing without you cuties!~ I love you all! <333 

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nah, I’m serious, you guys are all awesome.


this follow forever is dedicated to everyone who i’ve talked to, everyone i’ve had good times with, friends or mutuals, or maybe even both, and people whose blogs i love.



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Thanks to everyone who helped me hit 500 followers! This is a little late, so sorry about that! I may not have gotten everyone since I did this really quick, sorry!


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These blogs are all great! You should check them out!

People in bold are people who I have interacted with or personally know.

This follow forever is based off of prince-alibaba’s 2k follow forever design seen here (x)