Lorenzo: There must be a misunderstanding. Although I don’t want to admit it, it’s true I felt jealous of the other guys she Dunder was giggling with. But I didn’t mean to upset her… Well anyway, I’m gonna go back home. Actually when I called my mother yesterday, she wanted me to come back soon, saying she knows a nice lady who might embrace my difficult personality, who might be better than Dunder…

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But I knew it, he can’t be tamed :’)

And I’ll be patiently wait for Lorenzo to find someone who can tame him *_* I want to see him MORE!!

With this I want to say THANK YOU NINOO! For all your help and patience. You helped me improve my whole game, as in graphics and gameplay and simply everything. I am a total noob and really not fast understanding, but you made it, you were strong, you helped me tons! I will be forever thankful! ♥

So have this little picspam of this little ‘insider’ we had xD