Confession: Where would Arashi be if they weren’t Arashi? Sometimes I think about it and I feel like Ohno and Nino would be, well this is not the word I want to use but, well, losers. Ohno is too quiet and exceptionally normal, and Nino is such a big nerd (he did mention being bullied and having no friends in the past if I’m not mistaken.) Sho would probably be in politics, Aiba would run the restaurant, and Jun… I don’t know, that guy was made to be an idol. But I think Arashi really saved Ohno and Nino.


“It’s not about aiming for higher goals. It’s about anchoring existing roots firmly into the ground. That’s the consensus among all five of us.” - Ninomiya Kazunari (Translation by amnosxmatsujun@twitter)

Happy 17th Anniversary, Arashi! Thank you for all the happiness that you bring to our lives. Thank you for staying true to your values and principles, respecting each other’s personalities. Thank you for always reminding us about the importance and the beauty of gratitude, tolerance and friendship. Thank you for your precious smiles that fill our hearts with joy and hope. We love you forever and ever! ♥ 5x17


“It’s because getting to where they are now wasn’t easy that Arashi learn to appreciate everything.” - MORE magazine

/Thank you for every doubt, for every low moment, for every exhausting job, for every adjustment, for every sacrifice, for everything you guys went through… Thank you for dreaming. Thank you for hanging on. Thank you for believing. Thank you for doing and giving more than your best. Thank you for being different. Thank you for being un-idol like. Thank you for being our 5-colored rainbow. Thank you for being our 5-living miracles. (can’t avoid to shed a tear here!)

I love you guys!!!! so soooo soooo much!!!
Happy happy happy 17th Anniversary!!!
Are you guys, HAPPY? :)