ninomaru palace


The karamon main gate to Ninomaru Palace (二条城) por Marco Sousa
Via Flickr:ō_Castle


This time it is Kyotos Ninomaru palace of the Nijo castle :)

It is a really nice place and quite spacious compared to other Japanese sights :)
The interior of it is just wonderful and really worth a visit :3

I just like the look of the wood on Japanese houses :3
It is not that they didn’t care to paint it but rather an affection for the earthy and warm feeling unpainted wood creates as it ages.
The effect it creates is that the houses and temples seem to have grown from the soil itself much like a tree.

Tomorrow my lectures start again :)
I’m happy to see my friends again but the time for the exams is quite close so I have mixed feelings about it (^-^;)