arashi ps challenge: Performances {1/5}; Tooku Made - Love concert [2013]

Your fake attitude that you’re pretending to be okay is strange
In the hand you tightly squeezed mine back with was love
Even if we laugh together many times, it’s not enough
Wrapped up in the small or big ordinary days are miracles


arashi ps challenge: Performances {2/5}; Kaze no Mukou E - Shounen Club Premium [13.1.2009]

I’ll hold on to your share of your feelings too
Like I’m climbing stairs, I’m heading for the top
It’s painful and difficult, but I endure it
Drawing the figure of myself that is basking in cheers


Water is the element of change. People of water element personality are capable of adapting too many things. They have deep sense of community and love that holds them with others through anything.

Fire is the element of power. People of fire element personality have desire and energy and drive to achieve what they want.

Air is the element of freedom. People of air element personality solve their difficulties in life by finding peace and freedom.

Earth is the element of substance. People of earth element personality are diverse and strong, persistent and enduring.

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arashi ps challenge: Tv show moment {1/5} arashi masquerade in arashi ni shiyagare ep 2

Here you have Nino hentai mask, Aiba curry-man mask, Jun looking kawaii in his mask,Ohno the greedy man, Sho the bank robber. Sho mad on Ohno laughing at him, Nino trying to steal Ohno mask and Ohno gratefulnes towards aniki.