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This legendary Italian composer Nino Rota created iconic scores for countless films. This week, you can enjoy some of his greatest – including 8 ½, JULIET OF THE SPIRITS, LA STRADA, and PURPLE NOON – for free on our @hulu channel.


Pack 01 | Pack 02: Miraculous Ladybug icons.

Here you’ll find 9 icons of Miraculous Ladybug for your personal use.  Hope you like them! If you got any questions, feel free to ask (:

Credits are not necessary but highly appreciated.


I was contractually obligated to make some icons for this episode. ;-)

(Feel free to use!)

anonymous asked:

For the assumptions: Nino irl, hyperactive, can't sit still, collects knicknacks, collects a lot of things, really sweet but sarcastic too

i’m……………. so blessed that apparently everyone thinks i’m nino i swear you’re like the third or fourth person to say this asfdkjasdi 💖💖

idk tho i wouldn’t say i’m hyperactive and i can totally sit still. i feel like for the most part all the screaming and panic only happens inside my brain

put an assumption in my ask