I remember back while going through Ask Badly Drawn Kitties, and BDKMat was saying something about how his style isn’t capable of different directions.  That just made me tempted to make a turn-around of Lydia.  Plus I was kind of curious to see how Lydia’s hair would look frontwise and profile.

By the way, go read over Ask Badly Drawn Kitties, they’re awesome characters!

About a year ago, I made a couple of changes to Nancy’s design, nothing major. Mostly a change to her shoes and gloves.
But I took this opportunity to give her a hugely updated reference sheet.

I’m planning to give a lot of information here as well, a lot of her story and more defined details about her gadgets and such. 

Though I really need to work on her backstory a bit, but the story is still basically-
In a future Mobius, after Eggman has been “defeated for good”, a group of young scientists attempt to bring back the robotization machines, but for the uses they actually were meant for. Though an accident occured, and closed down the project. It was kept in secret, so not many new of it, not even Nancy. She was the daughter of two of the scientists. Her mother died in the explosion, while her father was majorly wounded. The last scientist only was barely injured, and used the Robotization machine to fix most of his more fatal injuries. 

Years later, Nancy’s father disappeared, and robots attack most of mobius. Many fear that Eggman has returned.

I have a hard time desiding if Nancy’s going out in search of her father, Sonic, or both. Probably both.

Recently, the deviantART user =MiddletonCounty favored some work of mine pertaining to Nancy (which was from around 2007, all terrible I might add). I got curious and looked at their work, and saw their character, Somervell. She’s absolutely adorable! And I wanted to draw her.

Sorry I didn’t draw her hair like you do, I tried to make it that way with some sketches, but I couldn’t make it look right.