ninkyo helper


The Takagi twins in Ninkyo Helper.

I find it hilarious that this was pretty much their only part….well they had one more part to stand there with a shocked look on their face. Anyways, what I wouldn’t do to be one of those ladies. ~.^

ps. sorry I’m not good at making gifs. It’s been like 7 years since I’ve made one and the program is soooo new @.@


I’m watching Tsuyopon’s Ninkyo Helper now. And he is really good. I love how it kind of highlights the current issue of an ageing population in Japan and at the same time link to the yakuza.

And Tsuyopon is amazing here. He is fierce and really kakkoiiii. It’s so different from his usual personality where he gets bullied by pretty much everyone, so blur and even accidentally announced his virginity on national TV recently.

And he looks so blur usually and his eyes just disappear when he smiles.

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