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15th Dan, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.


Iran’s Female Ninjutsu Warriors

“A report in The Atlantic said about 3000 to 3500 women in Iran regularly change from their traditional garb and dress up like ancient Japanese warriors to train in Ninjutsu to become Kunoichi, meaning female ninjas.

According to Reuters, these women are getting trained in independently run clubs throughout Iran working under the supervision of the Ministry of Sports’ Martial Arts Federation.

Ninjutsu, a Japanese martial sport, is reportedly getting popular among Muslim women in Iran as part of a revolution against misconceived notions about the role of women, powered by the patriarchal society of the country”.


Kunoichi weapons 


The Neko-te were usually used by the kunoichi (female ninja).

The weapon is strong iron fingernails that were fastened into leather bands fitted on the fingers, and resembled claws (not like that of of the shuko, ashiko) and were also dipped in poisons. The eyes were a favorite spot for slashing.


The Kakute were rings that the kunoichi wore that were dipped in poison. The rings could be made out of metals, and tempered wood.

The ninja would quietly strangle enemies with the ring stuck in their neck. It was far less messy then using a sword, and left very little evidence on how the victim died.