Can you keep a secret? Well I’m afraid of the world because they want me to die can you believe it.. But I’m still alive.


At top, a page from Empowered vol. 2, featuring Ninjette wearing an outfit that I completely forgot about until 8 volumes later. (The page also also puzzlingly slaps character-inappropriate “pouty lips” on the normally thin-lipped Ninjette in panel 4, but let’s ignore that problem right now.)

At bottom, a new page from Empowered vol.10, after I finally got around to reusing the aforementioned Ninjette ensemble. Better late than never…? Also, note that both the boldness of my pencil artwork and my preferred, post-scan Photoshop level-adjust settings have changed a fair bit over the years.

Whilst, in my neck of the woods, we grit our teeth and stumble onward through what increasingly seems like a goshdarned* Fimbulwinter, I thought I should consider posting something a tad unseasonable. Thus, here we have a 2011 sketch of Emp and Ninjette (heroines of my ongoing “sexy superhero comedy” series Empowered, published by Dark Horse Comics) dressed up as hula girls, if you’ll pardon the cultural appropriation. Mahalo!

*Or “Odin-darned,” perhaps.

Behold, Ninjette (from Empowered, my ongoing “sexy superhero comedy” comic) drawn in an extra-cartoony style inspired less by conventional manga/ anime “chibi” tropes but by the adorably superdeformed cheesecakery of the French artist Arthur de Pins. Alas, this is a somewhat inferior companion piece to my first stab at the superdeformery that featured superheroine Emp herself, which worked out a bit better. Still, fun to play around with this style..


A few other con sketches from this year’s FanExpo Canada.

In a cruel twist of fate, my overall figure-drawing ability and sense of proportion degrades rapidly at this larger page size (11" X 14"), hence YT’s outsized left leg in the first sketch. On the other hand, this size works well for Sharpie-rendering purposes and makes for an impressive-looking original (IMHO); gotta take the bad with the good, alas.