Work stages on an illo I drew featuring characters from my ongoing “sexy superhero comedy” series Empowered, published by Dark Horse Comics. Pretty sure this was for a contest a few years ago back, having something to do with readers voting on their favorite characters from the Empowered universe (or “Empverse”). Gotta love the fact that the oft-mentioned but rarely seen character “Were-Giraffe By Night” (at upper left) made the cut…

Wait, I should make this post a tad more interactive: What’s your favorite Empverse character, if you actually have one?

The final version’s drawn on linen-finish cardstock (available as presentation paper at most office-supply stores), hence the odd patterning visible in the pencil tones.


Today sees the release of Empowered Unchained, a 208-page, trade-paperback collection of all six of the Empowered one-shots previously published in “floppy” conventional comics format. More info here:

Anyhoo, I wrote all the volume’s stories (and drew the first one, The Wench With a Million Sighs), crafting each specifically for the thoroughly badass skill set of the Guest Artist involved. As seen in the title images above, this list of artistic badasses includes Emily Warren (Ten Questions for the Maidman), Ryan Kinnaird (Hellbent or Heaven Sent), John Staton (Animal Style), Takeshi Miyazawa (Nine Beers With Ninjette) and Brandon Graham (Internal Medicine), all of whom did fantastic work far exceeding any of my expectations. Well done, folks!

Pretty excited about this book, in part because this will be my first opportunity to potentially make any money from these one-shot stories! Wheeee! (I sensibly alloted the entire creative budget on these books to the Guest Artists, Guest Letterers and Guest Colorists, of course.) Somewhat less crassly, I’m also hoping that this collection can join the other eight volumes of Empowered as an evergreen, perpetually-in-print element of the ongoing series.

We’ll be getting more ambitious with the next round of Empowered Unchained “floppy”-format comics, as I’ve increasingly found the one-shot format to be a tad too restrictive for my tastes. Hello, multiple-issue arcs! (First one’s already underway, I’m happy to report.)

In closing, I should also note that the next installment of Empowered, vol.9, will hit the shelves on August 19th, and can be pre-ordered right now at your Local Comics Store! More info here:


Behold, two of the better “Season’s Greetings” images I’ve done featuring characters from Empowered, my ongoing “sexy superhero comedy” series published by Dark Horse Comics.

Alas, at present I’m far too busy grinding through the final chapter of 2015’s Empowered vol.9 to indulge in an Xmas-y pic this time around. Maybe next year…?

Anyway, have a merry/ jolly/ happy/ joyeux one, folks, and I’ll talk at ya later. (And now, back to noodling away at ginormous alien mecha…)

Whilst, in my neck of the woods, we grit our teeth and stumble onward through what increasingly seems like a goshdarned* Fimbulwinter, I thought I should consider posting something a tad unseasonable. Thus, here we have a 2011 sketch of Emp and Ninjette (heroines of my ongoing “sexy superhero comedy” series Empowered, published by Dark Horse Comics) dressed up as hula girls, if you’ll pardon the cultural appropriation. Mahalo!

*Or “Odin-darned,” perhaps.


Badass Ninjette cosplay from last weekend’s FanExpo Canada, including a con sketch of Ninjette referenced from a cellphone pic of cosplayer Diane’s own outfit! (Bonus appearance by the blinding glare off my forehead.) Was seriously honored to see my goofy little project inspire such fine cosplay; highlight of the show for me.


A few other con sketches from this year’s FanExpo Canada.

In a cruel twist of fate, my overall figure-drawing ability and sense of proportion degrades rapidly at this larger page size (11" X 14"), hence YT’s outsized left leg in the first sketch. On the other hand, this size works well for Sharpie-rendering purposes and makes for an impressive-looking original (IMHO); gotta take the bad with the good, alas.