5 Nice Things

“say 5 nice things about yourself then pass it on to your ten favorite followers :)”

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1. I’m really optimistic about everything. 

2. I choose to see the best in people. 

3. I never stress and hold a strong belief that everything will work itself out. 

4. I never tire of doing childish things. 

5. My ability to see everything with an “artist’s eye”. I literally look at things and imagine painting them or photographing them. 


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I know that’s not 10, but I clearly don’t have many tumblr homies. (this is a subliminal message telling y'all to talk to me b/c i need more tumblr homies.) 

This time last year...

I was welcomed into a family like no other. I met some of the most remarkable people in my life. They welcomed me and accepted me with no judgement. We are all worlds apart and yet we would spend entire night together.

Magie, Maisha, Minal, Jazba, Daim, Shazzy and Haris; I thank Allah everyday for introducing me to you guys! You have no idea how much I love you all and appreciate you! JazakAllah :)

throughmyaankhein replied to your post: All my classmates are doing BBQ tonight. Guess…

PAGAL DUDE. at least you should’ve gone for the fooooooooooddd

 ninjazpenguinzz replied to your postAll my classmates are doing BBQ tonight. Guess…

jaana tha na..:D

 i-know-what-you-did-last-jummah replied to your postAll my classmates are doing BBQ tonight. Guess…

You should have gone -_______-

You guys don’t understand D: I don’t like most of them because of A LOT of reasons and whenever I am with them, I am more stressed than having fun.

thefortunatemuslim replied to your post: my Tumblr fam ditched me -.-

I’ll be back after maghrib!

    Until you come back I shall wait here like a loser XD

ninjazpenguinzz replied to your post: my Tumblr fam ditched me -.-

We Love Youuu! xD

     I thought you were asleep missy! Lair! -.-

ninjazpenguinzz asked:

omg was it your bday last week? did i wish you? i was just about to ask you when your bday is.. before i saw your post... awwwh Happy Belated Birthdaaay (if it was) and if i forgot.. im very forgetful.. May allah swt grant you many more to come and a blessed life ahead ameen.. x x

this is sweet ♡ˊ͈ ु ूˋ͈♡ tenks man, it was on the 12th

ninjazpenguinzz replied to your post: “i want it to snow so bad i’m done with summer”:

you suck! lol snow already?! i havent had a chance to properly enjoy this summer/spring! :)

summer means hot sticky nights and bugs and not being able to wear my favourite clothes and humidity

winter means nice warm snuggly nights with my duvet and wearing my favourite clothes and all the bugs are dead

plus the best movies are on tv around halloween and christmas time