Hadn’t the time to upload anything so here are some screenshots from my art exams.

Character exam : Re interpretation of the Pokémon Shedninja/Ninjatom

Screenshot from a scene in UDK ; Sculpt rendered in Z-Brush

Sculpted in Z-Brush ( my first finished sculpture… why didn’t I used this program sooner ??? )

Environment exam : A sword ( I altered into a Pokémon themed sword, because of the character exam :D )

Real time rendered in the CryEngine

Oh and the rough concept for the Pokémon.

Have fun with it and I wish you a nice week end <3

So for some reason I decided to play a randomized Leaf Green game.  Except it’s German.  So I’m looking up Misty’s team (Clefairy and Exploud.  Hopefully they don’t have Hyper Beam) and I’m just looking at other nearby Pokémon and-

NINJA TOM: The Brother of Nincada and Ninjask.

…This really made me laugh.  Thanks for having an English-to-German Pokémon Name page, Bulbapedia.

Oh, and of course Brock has Ground-types.