When you think you’re all alone.

When you think nobody loves you.

When you think everything is dark and rotten and there is only sorrow.

You do not know.

You do not know that all around you

in the darkness

there are ninjas.

Not one. Not ten.

Dozens of ninjas.

They feel your pain.

Dozens of ninjas that you do not see.

In the shadows. In the ceiling.

Under the cushions of the couch. They cry beside you.

They wish you well.

So I was just talking about the differences between how ninjas are portrayed in Japanese folklore versus how they’re portrayed in popular culture, and one of the topics that came up was so-called “ninja magic”.

Basically, while popular culture depicts ninjas performing supernatural feats of stealth and swordsmanship, the folkloric version is rather different. Ninjas in folklore are reputed to be able to evoke magical effects from specially prepared potions and powders through the use of complicated hand-signs and invocations. The effects of these formulas can range from controlling fire, to turning invisible, to paralysing enemies at a distance, and even stranger feats.

Then it hit me: ninjas go unarmoured, wield staves and daggers, and cast formulaic spells that must be prepared in advance and have verbal, somatic and material components. This leads to one of two possible conclusions:

1. Ninjas are D&D wizards; or

2. D&D wizards are ninjas.


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I’m gonna do a few theories and comments on the first glimpses of them we have of them because why the hell not.

also Hiro looks so badass in that shot

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