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So in my dorm, there’s this girl who I suspect is a Homestuck because she drew the Sburb logo on the whiteboard on her door. I myself am not really into Homestuck, but as a Hetalian (and a fellow resident), I feel it is my duty to befriend her. So I drew the Post-Scratch trolls as best as I could and I am going to post the drawing on her door as a greeting…

Seriously this actually happened (in my head, at least). I have seen that word before but I never knew how to pronounce it. And then I heard it for the first time, out of Catherine’s mouth. I dunno if it’s the beauty of French or just Catherine’s voice, but the combination was just beautiful and I was stunned. 

Okay so I’m probably creeping you guys out and you’re gonna make fun of me for being weird but it’s just one of the things I remember significantly okay? 

so i participated in a bet over a flames-canucks game and since I lost, I had to draw a flames picture including the lovely mr. monahan

So I looked outside today while I was on the train and I remembered that you can tell it’s spring here when the cherry blossoms start flowering. There’s tons of trees lining the streets that seem boring and nondescript but once a year, they turn into the most beautiful things ever
basically van becomes kawaii for around a month every year

This is for all you people who keep asking me for more information about the van man… it is a speculation on where he would live

i can’t believe you people in other provinces don’t build Vancouver Specials in your neighbourhoods… it’s my dream now to build a vancouver special in toronto because toronto’s gotta have everything

literally an entire day’s worth of drawings
i was exploring unconventional usage of asian utensils and it just kinda turned into cultural sharing


So. Casey has this nice little manwhale dude named Duncan and he is really cute aahh. And I really wanted to draw him because everyone else was…. Anyway I tried mixing him with the Vancouver Canucks logo because they’re both orcas. Now THIS is what the logo should look like! (Don’t get me wrong though, I love the Canuck logo)


An episode in which Ed and Cal go to Vancouver to try and find the Van Man
I had to go to a Chinese dinner thing at a restaurant with live karaoke on a stage and I was drawing to distract myself from some of the singing that was going on

I saw a pair of people dressed very un-west coast-like who seemed to be going on the same route as my friends and I on transit, from near UBC all the way to Burnaby. We joked to a friend from Calgary that the Calgary Secret Police were after him